‘Global Control and Censorship’ at Tallinn Art Hall

2017 04 28 - 2017 06 18
Starting 29 April, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute and ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Tallinn Art Hall will present the international exhibition Global Control and Censorship, which will look at the unrelenting encroachment of surveillance and censorship into

Mart Vainre’s solo exhibition ‘Bubbles’ at Tallinn City Gallery

2017 05 05 - 2017 06 04
From 5 May Tallinn City Gallery will be showing Mart Vainre’s solo exhibition Bubbles, in which the young artist will be looking for how to break out of the filter bubble. How is it even possible to portray a filter

Exhibition ‘On Passe a l’Orange’ by Dainius Liškevičius at project space Sodų 4

2017 05 11 - 2017 05 26 / 6 pm
Culture evolution law event subject distortion critical consciousness chaos project institution power emptiness structure subordination strategy user private space fragmentation coincidence processes situations interests management promise suppression competition decisions conflicts parallels artwork gallery artist curator positive aestheticised contacts communication business

Aet Ollisaar, Heli Tuksam and Tuuli Puhvel ‘SOMEWHERE ELSE’ at Imatra Cultural Centre

20 year ago three female artists, good friends and lecturers at Tartu Art College, decided to do a joint exhibition. This is how textile artist Aet Ollisaar and painters Heli Tuksam and Tuuli Puhvel came together. The exhibition SOMEWHERE ELSE

kim? 8th Anniversary. 20 May, 2017

kim? Contemporary Art Centre is turning eight this year! Since opening our doors in the summer of 2009, we’ve organised more than 160 exhibitions in Latvia and abroad and have attracted and welcomed more than half a million visitors to

Night of museums at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art center

2017 05 20 / 7 pm
On May 20th in the Night of museums from 19:00 till 00:00 Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art center invites visitors to break the boundaries of time and space and to experience a world-wide flight of fantasy, which are transmitted by artists

Gallery Weekend Kaunas 2017

Before the closing of the gallery season, Gallery Weekend Kaunas on 11-14 May will draw a cultural sky-map with the city’s cultural initiatives. The coordinates will lead through the network of independent, temporary and institutional spaces, and encompass exhibition openings,

Exhibition by Danas Aleksa at Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre

2017 05 04 / 6 pm
43H is my seat on the plane. On the one hand, it’s a very concrete coordinate that notes my place in the cabin. However, after the plane rises to the highest point in its trajectory, the perception of space changes.

Dénes Farkas’ personal exhibition ‘How-to-calm-yourself-after-seeing-a-dead-body Techniques’ at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

2017 04 21 - 2017 06 04
Dénes Farkas’ personal exhibition How-to-calm-yourself-after-seeing-a-dead-body Techniques focuses on issues of choice, uncertainty, insecurity and preparedness, highlighting the contingency of normality and casting doubt on the production of truth and scientific rationality. The exhibition comprises of site-speficic spatial and audio installations

‘Killer Image: Shifting Modes of Desire’ at Hobusepea gallery

2017 04 27 - 2017 05 15
The artists comment on their exhibition as follows: „There are two instruments for purposeful manipulating: material and idea. The sum of all possibilities is an imperceptible chaos where order should be created while ignoring disorder. We are interpreting mental ideas