Events programme March 2 – 4 at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

2017 03 02 - 2017 03 04
During first week of March, kim? Contemporary Art Centre is pleased to welcome you to attend talk-presentation by Robert Leckie in conjunction to kim? Residency Award 2017 as well as a film screening, towel animal workshop for kids, karaoke and

‘Body and Darkness’ at Vartai gallery

2017 03 07 - 2017 04 14 / 6 pm
The exhibition balances on the fringes of consciousness and talks about dark inclinations and the (non)human body through which they take shape. Shrouded in chiaroscuro the overtly visual and aggressive artworks analyse different dimensions of the human body inviting viewers

‘Eyes that see everything’ by Małgorzata Żurada at Sodų 4

2017 02 01 - 2017 03 17 / 6 pm
Sodų 4 is happy to host a solo show by artist Małgorzata Żurada. Presented for the first time this exhibition is a result of a long lasting research by the artist, mostly developed during her residency at Nida Art Colony

‘Romanticism Without End’ at Arka gallery, Vilnius

2017 02 21 - 2017 03 14
It seems romanticism “ended” many times, especially for the ironical postmodernists, who do not believe in the historical passage of time. The revivals of romanticism are also always transformed or intertwined with opposite forms. Although the modern “meta-artist” masterfully managing

Exhibition ‘Mud Drum’ by Toke Flyvholm at ‘Kabinetas’

2017 02 24 - 2017 03 07 / 6 pm
Project space “Kabinetas” (A. Mapu str. 20, Kaunas, Lithuania) presents the exhibition “Mud Drum” by Danish artist Toke Flyvholm. Opening on Friday February 24th, 6 p.m. [A mute drama; Facing a haunted terrain. A heavy load compressed… Into fantasy… into

Discussion ‘Design Doing’ at Art Academy of Latvia

2017 03 03 / 11 am
On Friday, March 3rd, at 11:00, Latvian Design Award jury members will host a discussion titled “Design Doing/Dizaina rīcība“, which will be held in the K2 auditorium of the new wing of the Art Academy of Latvia. Several industry experts

‘Beer Metaphysics. The Kitchen’ by Vytenis Burokas at 427 gallery

2017 02 14 - 2017 03 16
A month is a perfect time to brew a gruit of metaphysical investigation. 427 space will become a kitchen-incubator of fermentation and a stage of it’s manifestation trough the human bodies. There’s no accident, yeast will adapt to the new

Solo exhibition ‘Two by two’ by Alissa Nirgi at Hobusepea gallery

2017 02 22 - 2017 03 13 / 6 pm
Alissa Nirgi is a photography artist who lives and work in Tallinn. She has obtained BA degree from the department of photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2016. Nirgi is currently studying at the refreshment training course on

‘The Children of the New East’ at the Art Hall Gallery and the City Gallery, Tallinn

2017 02 23 - 2017 03 26 / 6 pm
From 25 February, there will be a new international exhibition, The Children of the New East, at the Art Hall Gallery and the City Gallery. This exhibition seeks out the non-existent memory of the children born after the pivotal events

‘Can’t you hear my voices?’ by James Lewis and Jenine Marsh at Rupert

2017 02 23 / 5 pm
Rupert kindly invites you all to our residents James Lewis and Jenine Marsh open studios starting 5pm, Thursday, 23 February in art incubator’s Pakrantė gallery space (Vaidilutės g. 79). Artists James Lewis (UK) and Jenine Marsh (CA) will present new