A Pledge. The First Part of a Trick – 03 – Against Their Reason

2013 07 19 - 2013 08 18 / 5 pm
On the 19th July, 2013 Klaipėda Art Center – KCCC (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda) the third exhibition/episode of a project “A Pledge. The First Part of a Trick” called “Against Their Reason” will be presented. The project will proceed

Galerija VARTAI. Thursday Review. Jurgis Bernatonis

2013 07 18 - 2013 07 24 / 5 pm
This Thursday, July 18, 5 pm, the Review Room will introduce Jurgis Bernatonis works. Jurgis Bernatonis (born in 1990) is a new player in the Lithuanian art scene. The young artist got his BA in graphic art at the Vilnius

Appropriated Territories: Attack, Defence and Creation

2013 07 15 - 2013 08 01 / 6 pm
Exhibition “Appropriated Territories”, organized by VAA Nida Art Colony is opening in the most beautiful of Lithuania’s national parks, in the Curonian spit, in the context of Thom Mann festival. The festivals theme – “In Search for Homeland” – was

Electronic craft studio at RIXC

2013 07 04 - 2013 07 04 / 2pm
During the week of Latvian Song Festival artists Ramyah Gowrishankar and Kati Hyyppä from Finland are inviting to an open electronic craft studio in RIXC Media Space where participants will be introduced to ‘electronic crafts’ and invited to try it

Revisiting Footnotes II

2013 07 04 - 2013 07 31 / 5.30 pm
The 2nd part of the exhibition “Revisiting Footnotes” will present a wider panorama of current processes, imprints of the Soviet time and their interpretations in the works by Baltic artists. During the artists’ presentations, there will be a chance to

Exhibitons at Cesis Arts Festival

2013 06 28 - 2013 07 31 / 5.30
Cēsis Arts Festival taking place form 28 June to 20 July present 32 events in visual art, music, cinema, theatre and even gastronomy. In the seventh year of the festival’s existence, its programme includes three exhibitions featuring works by 19 artists from

“Revisiting Footnotes I” at the LCCA Office gallery and symposium

2013 05 23 - 2013 06 28
The project “Revisiting Footnotes” attempts to capture and analyse the remnants or footnotes of the Soviet time still present in today’s post-socialist territory – in art, public space, architecture, society, collective and individual memory. Like footnotes in a book, the

Evelīna Deičmane. Lidia’s garden

2013 06 11 - 2013 06 27
From 11 to 27 June artist Evelīna Deičmane’s (1978) solo exhibition „Lidia’s garden” is open at the garden gallery of Riga Dome cathedral. The exhibition comprises spiral form objects or holds, jingled by wind and rain as musical instruments, translations

“Every day to Die Again” curated by Živilė Etevičiūtė

2013 06 13 - 2013 06 27
Every day to Die Again is an exhibition about castling and ambiguity. About the domestication of death, daily contemplation on death, the cases of death concealment, about the death and pornography games by changing the places; how to die and resurrect

Irina Spicaka, Krisjanis Rijnieks, Platons Buravickis exhibition METASPHERE at RIXC

2013 05 18 - 2013 06 13
Metasphere shows the fragile nature of the inner state of a human being. This work portrays a fragment of the everyday perception experience. That includes the process of observation of the surrounding environment and how it interacts with the subjective