Le Magasin, VMU and Kaunas BIennial present: seminar on contemporary curatorship

This Tuesday (29th October, 2013) at VMU gallery 101 (Laisvės al. 53, Kaunas) a seminar on contemporary curatorship will be held. Programme 16:00 – 16:45 Lora Gablier / Paris. Lecture:The Ecole du MAGASIN: international curatorial training program. 17:00 – 17:45

Ingo Nussbaumer solo exhibition

2013 10 29 - 2013 11 22 / 6 pm
Ingo Nussbaumer is prominent in the Austrian contemporary art scene as a representative of conceptual, or inabstract painting. The artist has also garnered international attention with his highly developed experimental phenomenology and colour research. Ingo Nussbaumer’s solo exhibition to open

The artist’s project – blind contacts and a trip around Europe

2013 10 11 - 2013 11 10
Until an artwork gets to its usual environment, as visitors of exhibition might naturally think – to an exposition hall, an author has to attend a lot of organizational issues, which eventually are left behind the scenes. What if the

Exhibition inspired by a question entered on the web-search

2013 10 11 - 2013 11 10 / 6 pm
What are you missing? Searching for an answer to this quite personal question art curator Julija Cistiakova gathered ten artists from all over the world to take part in the contemporary art project „What is missing?“ The exhibition of the

Historical Reminiscences of Klaipėda Region in the contemporary art exhibition

2013 10 11 - 2013 11 10 / 6 pm
Marco Polo travels, Nida and the Internet have more things in common than it might seem at first glance. Those interested in learning more are kindly invited to the exhibition of the project „Trip and Travelling. Introduction“ to be opened

Three Uses of the Knife: Performativity of Body and Mind II

2013 10 26
A third meeting of the annual Three Uses of the Knife series will take place on October 26, Saturday, 7 p.m. at the Arts Printing House (Siltadarzio str. 6, Vilnius). In it, the participants will continue the discussions and experiences

“Point of view”: young UK-based Lithuanian artist exhibition travels to Vilnius

2013 10 24 - 2013 11 07 / 6 pm
This Thursday, October 24th, “Point of view” exhibition of young Lithuanian artists living and creating in the UK will open in Vilnius. Young artists’ individual points of view are determined by varying factors that shape their view of the world.

Seminar “Showcasing modernisms: between nostalgia and criticism (contemporary visualisation and storytelling)”

2013 10 25 - 2013 10 26
Architecture[publication]fund team invites you to participate in a workshop dedicated to architectural criticism to be held in Vilnius, on 25-26th of October. The workshop is designated for the special issue “Modernism.lt. Modern heritages” of Architecture[publication]fund. The issue studies two themes

Resonant Chamber – a cycle of performances

2013 10 25 - 2013 10 26 / 6 pm
Resonant Chamber – a cycle of performances on aural spectrality programmed by Margarida Mendes within the European Capital of Culture 2014 project Waiting for… (Archeology of an Idea) will be taking place on October 25 and 26 at Latvian Artist

NSK State in Time. A lecture by Miran Mohar (Irwin)

2013 10 16 / 7 pm
Miran Mohar (Irwin) presentation will focus on NSK State in Time, which was founded in 1992 as a transformation of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective into NSK State in Time. NSK was formed in 1984 in Yugoslavia by