Robin Vanbesien: Stray Fire / Ships To Sink Like This (screening)

2014 05 30 / 10 pm
From 22:00-23:30 on Friday 30 May 2014, Rupert invites you to a screening of two new video productions by Robin Vanbesien, artist in residence, on a wall in Reformatų skveras in Vilnius. stray fire Povilas Kundrotas Ernesta Letkauskaitė Robin Vanbesien

Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas

2014 05 28 - 2014 06 10
The Y Gallery 2014 programme starts on 28th of May at 6 PM with the collaborative exhibition project “Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas” (“Planetarium: Speculative Starry Observations”) at Tartu University Church (Jakobi 1, Tartu) by Rodrigo de San Martin (RSM). The central focus

“Searching for the Horizon” exhibition

2014 05 22 - 2014 07 20
International contemporary art exhibition focuses on the seeking nature of art which is related to the very essence of art: the pursuit of the ideal, the desire to find oneself at unknown intersections. The exhibition consists of seven sections, their

“Divine Duality” Exhibition by Viktorija Eksta and Raimonds Līcītis

2014 06 05 - 2014 07 31 / 6.30 pm
The interactive exposition of the exhibition has been specially constructed so that, if visitors to the Office Gallery follow the instructions and directions on the floor, they will be able to see each other in unusual situations. The artists are

Alexander Alberro’s lecture “Contemporary Art, The Spectator, and The World”

2014 06 03 / 6 pm
On 3rd June, Tuesday, 6 pm CAC Reading Room will host a lecture by Alexander Alberro who will explore forms of art and spectatorship that have emerged in the past two-and-a-half decades and are referred to as “contemporary.”  The new

For the third time in Kaunas : international performance art festival CREATurE Live Art

2014 05 27 - 2014 06 01
27th of May – 1st of June Kaunas Old Town will be for the third time hosting international performance and live art festival “CREATurE Live Art”, a yearly and in the recent years only event dedicated for performance and live

Inter-format Symposium On Flux of Sand and Aquatic Eco-systems in May 22-25th in Nida Art Colony

2014 05 22 - 2014 05 25
Welcome to the non-stop event shifting from performance to lecture to artists’ game to eco sauna to performative discussion to artists guided site/sight/seeing to discursive dinner to role play to water t(a/e)sting to foraging to interactive buffet to screening to made-from-waste

Kristina Inčiūraitė’s exhibition “Nameless Hour”

2014 05 21 - 2014 06 04 / 6 pm
On 21st May, 6 pm Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Gynėjų St. 14, Vilnius) opens Kristina Inčiūraitė’s exhibition “Nameless Hour”  in collaboration with Elena Dapkūnaitė, Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, Virginija Popovaitė, Ieva Turevičiūtė and Eglė Visockė. From 6.30 pm to 7.15 pm,

Franz West and Barbara Kapusta exhibition Sleepwalking III

2014 05 20 - 2014 06 20 / 6 pm
On May 20, 2014 VARTAI gallery will host the third instalment in the Sleepwalking exhibition series curated by the Vienna-based curator Amer Abbas. The first one was on show at the Temporary gallery in Cologne in 2009, and the second

Tomas Martišauskis’ exhibition “ar/arba”

2014 05 14 - 2014 05 28 / 6 pm
On May 14th, 6 pm LTMKS Project Space Malonioji 6 (Malonioji Str. 6, Vilnius) opens an exhibition “ar/arba” by Tomas Martišauskis. Alegoric nature of this exhibition structure has been intentionaly chosen as a metaphorical basis for figurative reflections and shadows. Notional shift