The Lottery: Open Forum & Experimental Exhibition Modes Workshop

2014 06 19 / 10 am
In the spirit of traditional town hall meetings where face-to-face communication prevails, five incoming Scandinavia-based curators, critics and researchers enter the city of Vilnius with individual goals, curiosities and the collective intent to gather research related to a singular idea:

Exhibition of paintings by Alar Tuul and Andris Vītoliņš

2014 06 19 - 2014 07 06 / 7 pm
Communication is only possible if there is common ground for the participants, and meaningful only, if they have something new to say to each other. In Alar Tuul and Andris Vītoliņš’ case both conditions seem to be fulfilled. Alar Tuul

Black House. Notes on Architecture

2014 06 21 - 2014 07 27 / 7 pm
The enormous work of Gaston Bachelard and the descriptions of the phenomenologists have taught us that we are living not in a homogenous and empty space but, on the contrary, in a space that is laden with qualities, a space

Almost Half a Dozen

Five Scandinavia-based curators, critics and researchers make their way to Vilnius to conduct research in conjunction with the curatorial experiment titled The Lottery—inspired by the harrowing short story by Shirley Jackson (The New Yorker,1948). The story is set in a

Little Vera by Sanya Kantarovsky and Ella Kruglyanskaya

2014 06 13 - 2014 07 27 / 7 pm
On June 13 kim? Contemporary Art Centre opens the exhibition Little Vera by Sanya Kantarovsky and Ella Kruglyanskaya. The opening will take place on June 13, 7- 9pm. Vera Mukhina (1889-1953) gained acclaim in the sphere of Soviet monumental sculpture after winning the

Rosa Barba. A Fictional Library – Live

2014 06 13 - 2014 08 03 / 6 pm
Under the title of A Fictional Library – Live, a project for CAC Vilnius, Rosa Barba recreates the main space of the museum to hold a complex dialogue with the cinematographic devices that the artist has been using in recent

The 5th ARTVILNIUS’14 Art Fair – focus on photography

2014 06 18 - 2014 06 21
ARTVILNIUS 2014, opening at the end of June (18-21), will offer inquisitive visitors, collectors and professionals a broad art review which appears to be even more abundant than the last year. After completion of the selection of galleries this year,

“Leaving Traces” exhibition by Sylwia Kuźnik and Elisa Rodríguez

2014 06 09 - 2014 06 13 / 6 pm
From 9th June to June 13th Jonas Mekas visual arts center features an exhibition “Leaving Traces” by Sylwia Kuźnik (Poland) and Elisa Rodríguez (Spain). Sylwia Kuźnik: We live in a world of traces. With every second there are new ones,

Robin Vanbesien: Stray Fire / Ships To Sink Like This (screening)

2014 05 30 / 10 pm
From 22:00-23:30 on Friday 30 May 2014, Rupert invites you to a screening of two new video productions by Robin Vanbesien, artist in residence, on a wall in Reformatų skveras in Vilnius. stray fire Povilas Kundrotas Ernesta Letkauskaitė Robin Vanbesien

Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas

2014 05 28 - 2014 06 10
The Y Gallery 2014 programme starts on 28th of May at 6 PM with the collaborative exhibition project “Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas” (“Planetarium: Speculative Starry Observations”) at Tartu University Church (Jakobi 1, Tartu) by Rodrigo de San Martin (RSM). The central focus