The first event of the lecture series “New Realism in Contemporary Art” – prof. David Joselit’s lecture “A Multitude of Images”

This Thursday,  22nd of August, 2013 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Design Innovations Centre, 112 a. (Maironio str. 3, Vilnius) will host the first event of the lecture series “New Realism in Contemporary Art”  –  lecture by prof. David Joselit (Yale University, US) “A

Survival Kit 5: Slow Revolution

2013 09 05 - 2013 08 15 / 8 pm
With the strength gained from the peripheries, slow revolution is overturning positions of power and questioning the dominance of the centre. Evolving from the needs of individuals and neglecting hierarchy, the new strategy of survival in the present day is

The exhibition “Stories of Holiday Resort: Transparency” at Nida Art Colony

2013 08 03 - 2013 08 31 / 6 pm
On Saturday August 3, 6 pm Nida Art Colony opens young artists’ exhibition “Stories of Holiday Resort: Transparency”. A resort (in this case – Nida) during the off-season exists as a periphery, while in the summer it becomes a center. It is

Done Kino

2013 08 09 - 2013 07 15 / 6 pm
Done Kino is the first Kino Kabaret event in the Baltics. It takes place between 10-16 August 2013 (with a warm up event on 9 August) by Tallinn’s Ptarmigan in the frame of Done Lab. Done Kino, unlike other Kino

Mark Raidpere’s solo exhibition “Damage” at the EKKM

2013 08 02 - 2013 09 08 / 6 pm
This Friday, August 2, Mark Raidpere opens his solo exhibition “Damage” at the EKKM curated by Anders Härm and Eugenio Viola. Despite the fact that Mark Raidpere is one of the most internationally known Estonian artists, his last solo exhibitions in Tallinn

METEO day out: art and science event in Nida by Nida Art Colony residents

Opposite Solutions (in residence at Nida Art Colony) and Nida Meteo Station invite you to METEO DAY OUT. This Saturday, July 27th, join us from 17.00 h for an evening of discovering the Meteorological science and taking part in related

From Dusk till Dawn. 20 Years of LGBT Freedom in Lithuania

2013 07 23 - 2013 08 07 / 6 pm
“From Dusk till Dawn” is the first exhibition of queer history and culture in Lithuania, showing pivotal moments of LGBT activity and related art projects from 1993 till 2013. The historical documentation (photographs, TV reportages, publications) together with art works

Galerija VARTAI. Thursday Review. Monika Požerskytė (photography)

2013 07 25 - 2013 07 31 / 5 pm
On 25 July, 5pm., Galerija VARTAI will host the first exhibition of the photography project “Four” by the young generation photographer Monika Požerskytė. An announcement was made across media outlets on 5 June 2013 that four Lithuanian masters of photography

Closing of “Sput” exhibition at “The Gardens”

2013 07 21 - 2013 07 21
This Sunday, July 21, 8 pm The Gardens invites to the closing of international show “Sput” with a concert/performance of “Infinity – 2 (5)” by Naglis Kristijonas Zakaras. The author of the music in “Infinity – 2 (5)” is Andrius Arutiunian,

A Pledge. The First Part of a Trick – 03 – Against Their Reason

2013 07 19 - 2013 08 18 / 5 pm
On the 19th July, 2013 Klaipėda Art Center – KCCC (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda) the third exhibition/episode of a project “A Pledge. The First Part of a Trick” called “Against Their Reason” will be presented. The project will proceed