Merike Estna and I’m a Painting

2014 06 27 - 2014 11 02
Starting on Friday, 27 June, the Kumu Gallery of Contemporary Art opens for the project Merike Estna and I’m a Painting, which is comprised of two closely connected exhibitions: Merike Estna’s personal exhibition The Blue Lagoon and the international painting

Pilvi Takala’s solo show “Attires and Attitudes”

2014 09 04 - 2014 11 02
On Thursday, 4 September at 5 pm Pilvi Takala`s solo show “Attires and Attitudes” will open at Tartu Art Museum, Estonia. For Tartu Art Museum, showing contemporary art by the most important artists from our neighbouring countries, alongside our own

Fluxus + Fluxus – a double exhibition

2014 09 23 - 2014 11 01 / 6 pm
On Tuesday, September 23,  Jonas Mekas visual arts center, Gynėjų str.14, Vilnius opens “Fluxus + Fluxus” exhibition. The (anti)artistic movement Fluxus, born in early 1960s, for the most part thanks to George Mačiūnas, was so universal that it had diffused in

The Grain of Photography

2014 09 25 - 2014 10 22 / 5.30 pm
On Thursday, September 25, Kaunas Photography Gallery opens The Grain of Photography exhibition. Between the periodically announced death of photography and its present surplus-life, which manifests itself as ceaseless multiplication of images, there must be a third state. In the face of

The Unanswered Q

2014 09 18 - 2014 10 19
The Unanswered Q is an exhibition inside an unknown body. The journey of this idea began at a simultaneous birth of facts and senses denoting the existence of the outsideness of a body and eventually bringing one to yet unarticulated

Mindaugas Gapševičius. 0.30402944246776265

On  Saturday, 20th  September, 7 pm exhibition of media artist Mindaugas Gapševičius’ most recent installation entitled 0.30402944246776265 opens at “Malonioji 6”. In his installation, Gapševičius investigates artificial intelligence and brings a number of computers into the space for the consideration of artificial

Raul Keller. What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly)

2014 09 18 - 2014 10 27 / 6 pm
Raul Keller’s solo exhibition What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly) focuses on sound as a physical phenomenon in a site-specific, i.e. spatial, context. With the help of installational and sculptural spatial objects, Keller ‘tunes’ the museum’s rooms into

Melanie Smith. Crocodiles and Elevators

2014 09 12 - 2014 10 19
Melanie Smith’s solo exhibition Crocodiles and Elevators presents films and paintings – media that the artist often employs in parallel, and that are coupled by the format of rectangle or frame. In the work of Smith, rectangle and grid allude

Inconvenient Narratives

2014 09 11 - 2014 10 05 / 7 pm
“Inconvenient narratives” exhibits different provocative happenings where artists commandeer the symbols of different representatives of power thus exposing the unbearable mechanisms of action of the society. These situations problematize different discourses of power, expose their deficiencies and show how the

Freddie Robins exhibition “Fiction and Function” at the Artifex gallery of VAA

2014 09 12 - 2014 09 27 / 6 pm
On 12-27  September, the Artifex gallery of the Vilnius Academy of Arts will host Fiction and Function, an exhibition by Royal College of Art London professor Freddie Robins. The opening of the exhibition will take place at 6 PM on