Ulla Juske. “Grand Reading”

2014 10 23 - 2014 11 16 / 5 pm
Ulla Juske’s exhibition “Grand Reading” looks at the meaning of home, the subjectivity of the concept and her own relationship to it. The project is based on the artist’s mother’s home whose current residents are her grandmother, whose life now

Kristina Inčiūraitė. The Fragment as a Proverb

2014 11 04 / 7 pm
Kristina Inčiūraitė presents a new laconically expressed art project ‘The Fragment as a Proverb’, together with the Liepaitės girls choir, with its long tradition of singing, and Mariko Takagi, a whistling virtuoso and a champion of several international whistling contests.

What else does contemporary art have to say about sexual orientation? Readings by K.Vanags and G.Everett

2014 10 22 / 6.30 pm
kim? Contemporary Art Centre has the honor to announce the cooperation with LGBT and their friends association Mozaīka in the framework of the cultural program of the upcoming Europride2015 and to invite you to a two-piece performance – a reading

„Revealing unreachable intruders: a brief guide to visualize the invisible landscape of our electronic self“

2014 10 24 - 2014 10 25 / 1 pm
Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association presents a third workshop this season called „Revealing unreachable intruders: a brief guide to visualize the invisible landscape of our electronic self“ by Luis Bustamante, a Berlin-based artist during his short-term residency in Lithuania. All welcome

International Focus: Berlin – a talk by curator and critic Jurriaan Benschop

2014 10 25 / 1 pm
The Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC) invites to a talk by curator and critic Jurriaan Benschop on Saturday, October 25 at 1pm at Tallinn Art Hall (Vabaduse Square 6, Tallinn). The talk is being held at the exhibition CAN´T GO ON,

Barry Schwabsky’s lecture “Morandi’s Window: The Place of the Contemporary Artist”

2014 10 25 / 3 pm
Young Painter Prize 2014 is again looking for new talents in the Baltic States and seeks to present the most perspective and significant painters of the young generation. The selective exhibition of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian painters’ art works will

Laura Kaminskaitė. „Taxi Driver”

2014 10 17 - 2014 10 22
The taxi driver reaches over to the passenger seat and gently reaches for his hat. He says: There will be no radio today, unfortunately. We will have to make small talk, a bit of chitchat, and a few pleasantries. The

LCCA exhibition “Five Versions. Notes About an Era”

2014 10 16 - 2014 12 09
At the end of this year, the Five Versions. Notes About an Era Exhibition created by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art will be on view in regional Latvia. A number of curators and artists will provide an opportunity to

arXYZoom: contemporary architecture and urbanism research workshop

2014 10 13 - 2014 10 20
It’s been some time now that the boundaries of contemporary architecture and urbanism research and creative practice have been expanding if compared with the approaches and views of the twentieth century. Despite this, in the field of Lithuanian architectural and

Solo exhibition “Shift” by Krists Pudzens

2014 10 04 - 2014 10 26
This is the first major exhibition by new media sculptor Krists Pudzens, showcasing kinetic and interactive artworks created between 2007 and 2014. The exhibition includes seven electronic and kinetic installations–objects, which thematically and formally are united by the artist’s reflection