SO WE DECIDED TO STAND-UP A BOOK. Ethics, Poetics, Pathetics: A book launch of “Diaries: Spinoza‘s Poetics” by Ainārs Kamoliŋš

2014 07 04 / 6 pm
We start with a very simple premise. The main character of the play is the twenty-five-year old Spinoza and his love interest, the thirteen-year-old Maria. Spinoza loves Maria, but Maria‘s sweetheart is one Kerckring, an eighteen-year-old student of van Enden,

On the Estonian Theatre: Twelve Proposals for Rakvere

2014 06 28 - 2014 08 13
Kilometre of Sculpture (KoS) is proud to announce its first outdoor sculpture exhibition in Rakvere, Estonia. Following a yearlong trajectory with an open call for artists, its outcome and with the addition of selected works, the first iteration of KoS is

Mindaugas Navakas’ retrospective “Glory Was at the Fingertips”

2014 06 27 - 2014 09 14
The retrospective of work since 1977 by the sculptor Mindaugas Navakas (comprising 56 works, 15 of them outdoors) is one of the biggest project at the National Gallery of Art since it reopened in 2009, and links conceptually the interior

Artist Talk: André Guedes

2014 06 28 / 3 pm
Rupert invites you to an Artist Talk by a Lisbon-based artist André Guedes. The talk is organised by Rupert and will take place at the CAC Reading Room on Saturday, 28 June, 3 pm. André Guedes will talk about strategies

“The Beaver Mat & Faggot Shack” by Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling

2014 06 25 - 2014 06 12 / 6 pm
A 1914 publication for boy scouts called Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters outlines two emergency, survivalist shelters for pioneers and wilderness travellers – The ‘Beaver Mat’ and the ‘Faggot Shack.’ These low-impact structures are

Ugnius Gelguda ir Neringa Černiauskaitė. The Metaphysics of the Runner

2014 06 26 - 2014 08 17 / 6 pm
Move, follow the runner. 321. From the future to the past. 123…Remember the last time you ran in a park? The sound of a branch cracking bellow your foot? Those amorphous shapes created by Nature – they fit so well

Antanas Sutkus. “Untitled”

2014 06 26 - 2014 07 26 / 6 pm
On June 26, at 6 pm, Galerija Vartai gallery presents the solo exhibition Untitled by the internationally acclaimed legendary Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus. The exhibition dedicated to the Lithuanian photography master’s 75th anniversary brings together selected photographs previously not shown

Sense of Place. Contemporary Latvian Photography

2014 06 19 - 2014 07 12 / 6.30 pm
    On Thursday, June 19 at 6.30 pm Gallery of Photography “Prospektas” (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius) opens an exhibition of three contemporary Latvian photographers Arnis Balcus, Reinis Hofmanis and Alnis Stakle who are looking for the signs in Latvian

Archeological Festival – A 2nd hand history and improbable obsessions

2014 06 19 - 2014 08 24 / 5 pm
On Thursday, 19 June at 5pm Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia and Tartu Art Museum opens the “Archeological Festival_ a 2nd hand history and improbable obsessions”. During the opening a musical performance will take place in the Parlour of Collected

Dexter Sinister. Work-in-Progress

2014 06 20 - 2014 08 17 / 6 pm
On Friday, June 20 at 6pm Contemporary Art Centre opens an exhibition of work concerned with exiting regular modes of time arranged by Dexter Sinister. Works in the exhibition: 1. Kazimir Malevich, Sisters, 1910, oil on canvas. With thanks to Rūtenė Merkliopaitė