Inquirers. PhD series

2014 11 25 - 2014 12 09 / 6 pm
Inquirers is a series of lectures, readings and conversations organized in order to have a look at the ongoing research of Lithuanian contemporary art. Conceived as such, it is concerned, first of all, with processual nature of insights and hovering-like state

Mediated Monologues with Isla Leaver-Yap

2014 11 23 / 5 pm
Mediated Monologues is a one-sided conversation with writers living, dead and automated. The event is organised by Rupert and will take place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lecture Hall 112 (Maironio St. 3, New building) at 5 pm Isla Leaver-Yap

MoKS meetings: Jaana Kokko vs Rebeka Põldsam

2014 11 19 / 6 pm
Jaana Kokko is a Helsinki based visual artist with a background in arts and economics. She works primarily with video, but also in the fields of photography, text and drawing. Her works revolve around the subjects of language, representation and

Laure Prouvost: Towards Burrow Me

2014 11 24 / 6 pm
Rupert would like to invite you all to an evening of films, stories and conversations with artist Laure Prouvost. The night will serve as an introduction to Prouvost’s upcoming solo show at Rupert which will span a period of months

Dainius Liškevičius. Labyrinthus

2014 11 14 - 2014 01 04 / 6 pm
The new exhibition of Dainius Liškevičius Labyrinthus presents a complex project that integrates the forms of architecture, sculpture and installation, also the genres of personal collection and retrospective. The architectural construction that was conceived by the artist in the Main Hall of

Aidas Bareikis. Echo Conditioner.

2014 11 11 - 2014 12 18
  At the beginning of November Galerija VARTAI will be showing Echo Conditioner, a solo exhibition of work by Aidas Bareikis, a New-York based Lithuanian artist who uses installation, painting, and collage. Bareikis is one of the most active Lithuanian

Opening of the EAA gallery space and group exhibition open(ed) borders

2014 11 08 - 2014 12 06
This autumn Estonian Academy of Arts is opening a new gallery space in the courtyard of Tallinn Art Hall in collaboration with the Estonian Artists’ Association. The new EAA gallery (Vabaduse väljak 6/8, Tallinn) opens on Saturday 8th of November at

Eat With Both Mouths

2014 11 13 / 4-8 pm
On Thursday, November 13 Metropol gallery presents an exhibition by visiting artist Hannah Herr (USA). Video footage appropriated from Youtube (culled from search terms “Estonian” and “culture”) conjoins with undulating video of pigment/saliva spilling from disembodied mouths. Both pulsate through shapes of

Mike Hentz. Atmospheric Reflections

2014 11 12 / 6-10 pm
 On Wednesday, 12th of November, 6PM to 10PM Y Gallery (UT church, Jakobi 1, Tartu) present “Atmospheric Reflections” performance by Mike Hentz.Mike Hentz (b. 1954, with Swiss and American citizenship) is a colorful artist, who since the 1970s has been active

son:DA and Transnational Guerilla Art School present: FUCK YOU FOREVER TARTU. FUCK YOU FOREVER MARIBOR.

2014 11 13 - 2014 11 15 / 2 pm
Y Gallery has started to organize residencies, in order to support the mobility of artists, theoreticians and activists, to develop transnational culture and to work with comparative self-reflection. The first guest is Slovenian artist and activist Miha Horvat, who is