‘Stories of Belonging. Contemporary Art from Sweden’ at the the Tartu Art Museum

2019 01 17 - 2019 05 05 / 6:30 pm
On 17 January at 6.30 p.m, the international group exhibition “Stories of Belonging. Contemporary Art from Sweden” will open in the Tartu Art Museum. The exhibition brings some of the most significant authors and works from our western neighbours to

Exhibition ‘The Weather Diaries’ at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga

2019 02 07 - 2019 03 31
The exhibition “The Weather Diaries” will be on view from February 7 until March 31, 2019 at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga (Skārņu iela 10). The exhibition will showcase fashion artworks designed by artists from Iceland,

Boris Lurie and NO!art at the Art Museum ‘Riga Bourse’

2019 01 12 - 2019 03 10
“NO! NO! NO! to the conventional, to all the evil and despair that reign here, NO to conformism and materialism!” This sentence is published in the flyer of Boris Lurie (1924–2008) exhibition in The Gallery: Gertrude Stein in New York,

Exhibition ‘Alice’s in Wonderland and the Kingdom of Mirror’ by Gintare Kuznecovaite at the ARTIFEX gallery

2019 01 15 - 2019 02 02
Gintare Kuznecovaite is a designer of textile, interior, clothing and book illustrations. An artist present an art works based on the story of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll’s) books „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“ (1865)

Metrodots by Vaclovas Nevčesauskas at Sodų 4

2019 01 15 - 2019 01 20 / 6 pm
There are theories that are difficult for our mind to accept – they encourage to construct new models and interpretations of perception of the world. One of them is the theory about the smallest particles and their inconsistent behaviour: the

Group exhibition CREMO at the VAA exposition space ‘Krematoriumas’

2019 01 14 - 2019 01 18
From the 14th until the 18th of January 2019 the CREMO exhibition will be open in the VDA exposition space “Krematoriumas” [Crematorium] (Maironio Str. 6, VDA courtyard). This exhibition, which brings together different artists, is part of a series of

New addition to CAC Sculpture Yard – ‘Guernica Syndrome – Azor’ by Fernando Sánchez Castillo

2019 01 10 / 4-6 pm
Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius invites you to the presentation of a new addition to our Sculpture Yard – “Guernica Syndrome – Azor” by Spanish artist Fernando Sánchez Castillo – on Thursday, 11 January, 4 p. m. at the CAC Reading

‘Villa Lituania’ by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas at The MO Museum, Vilnius

2019 01 11 - 2019 03 10
Villa Lituania is a building in Rome that served as an embassy for Lithuania during the interwar period but that was appropriated by the USSR after Lithuania’s occupation. Artists, the recipients of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts,

‘Objects of Attention’ curated by Francisco Martínez at The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

2019 01 11 - 2019 03 17 / 6:30
The museum opens the 2019 exhibition programme with the exhibition “Objects of Attention”, curated by Estonian based anthropologist Francisco Martínez. In this exhibition, ordinary things are revised into objects of attention. Ten artists have been invited to reflect on the

Exhibition ‘Chassis by Madis Kurss at Hobusepea gallery

2018 12 20 - 2019 01 14
„The high wore away, the chromed skeleton corroding hourly, flesh growing solid, the drug-flesh replaced with the meat of his life. He couldn’t think. He liked that very much, to be conscious and unable to think. He seemed to become