Estonian Centre for Contemporary Arts and Estonia 100 announce art competition

EEAEstonian Centre for Contemporary Arts  announce the competition “Comers, Goers and Stayers – The Histories of Estonian Communities”, which will run from 2017–2018.

The deadline for entries is 1 March 2016.

The aim of the art competition is to share the experiences of Nordic and Baltic peoples through the medium of visual art. Projects focused on communities outside of the country’s main urban centres are especially welcome. Entries can include anything ranging from exhibitions to single works; from workshops to lectures; from performances to festivals, and any other art pieces inspired by the impact of migration and settlement on Estonia’s history and present day. Projects may address the reasons for immigration to and emigration from Estonia; how the affected communities have adjusted to migration; as well as the cultural expression of local experiences over the past 100 years. More information here

Echo Gone Wrong
February 3, 2016
Published in Calls from Estonia
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