'Edgar Tedresaar and Sten Saarits. Black Gold' at the Tallinn City Gallery

2019 12 21 — 2020 02 16 at Tallinn City Gallery
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Estonia

This project focuses on oil, or black gold, the fine black threads of which pervade all the facets of contemporary life. Black gold is in your comfortable family car, your tires and in the wine you drink. In the dress shirt and shoes that you wear,’ writes Tedresaar.

Edgar Tedresaar (1981) is a painter, in whose work the recycling of materials plays a significant role. His large abstract paintings are made of canvas scraps coloured with natural pigments.  His most recent solo exhibitions are: Journey to Freedom (Tartu Art House, Large Gallery, 2016), Meditative Landscapes (Vana-Võromaa kultuurikoda, 2015)

Sten Saarits (1987) is a sound and installation artist, who is interested in the relationship between individuals and the objects that surround them, and their placement in the chain of events. His most recent solo exhibitions are: Zero G Tonic (in collaboration with Kristel Saan) (Hobusepea Gallery, 2018), Stuff (Hobusepea Gallery, 2015), My Eyes Are Fooling Me, I Am Trying to See Something, But There Is Nothing Here (in collaboration with Erika Stöckel) (Haapsalu City Gallery, 2014)

Curator: Siim Preiman