Dress code: “global warming”

“The climate is changing, oceans are being polluted, whole species of plants and animals are going extinct.”, says the curator of the NEWMAN composium held in Druskininkai last July. “The problem is in the self-conception. What can the Newman do?” According to the program of the festival, something Newman can certainly do is make art on the topic of ecology but how does this contribute to an ecological change? There is already an infinite number of projects “dealing” with ecology—e.g., when a composer composes a piece for the custom-made bells the curvatures of which correspond with the shapes of the global warming diagrams. It seems that the problem is there simply to feed the art and entertainment culture with content and theme (e.g. thematic party with the dress code  “global warming”) to make it more exciting. The whole investment on the ‘fun part’ (evening programme) is enormous and the party is what actually gets to be remembered (with the dizziness, as if hit by a sunstroke caused by the global warming itself).

Gintarė Matulaitytė
August 12, 2015
Published in Editor's Picks
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