A Discussion 'The Circle of Life: Artist - Gallerist - Collector' at the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall

2019 11 07 at Arsenāls Exhibition Hall
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia
Talk between M.phil. Anda Klavina and artists Indrikis Gelzis, Andrius Zakarauskas and Janis Avotins, gallerists Alise Careva and Vima Mačianskaite, collectors Brigita Bula and Lauris Liepa. The talk will center around the (new) circle of life: artist – gallerist – collector.

There has been a new phase of art scene professionalization in Latvia in recent years. Alongside some large scale collectors a new set of collectors have emerged in a rapid pace – smaller in their collecting capacity but with an interesting principles for collecting. The amassed wealth has also allowed a new type of private art institutions to pop up.

Parallel to well received non-profit galleries in the Baltics there are some who want to work according to quality standards of international art market. And after educational experience abroad for many younger artists it’s the next logical step to work with international art galleries, following the example of Janis Avotins, Andrius Zakarauskas and Eriks Apalais by being represented by prestigious European galleries and in the art markets like Art Basel and Frieze.

“Being in gallery system allows the artist to build one’s universe much better. The only thing I regret I wasn’t there earlier.”

Indrikis Gelzis, artist

“I returned from London to Latvia to build my gallery and allow artists to work professionally.”

Alise Careva, owner of Careva Gallery

“I believe the development of one’s own art collection in an inevitability. The question is – when one starts to collect, and how precise one is willing to be in archiving one’s feelings and personal growth.”

Lauris Liepa, art collector

Anda Klavina is art consultant working in a trajectory Riga – Monaco – Verbier – London. For more than 10 years she was an art critic writing for daily “Diena’’ and international art press, and later organizing discursive events on contemporary art and philosophy in cooperation with LCCA and e-t+t. After working for Stockholm School of Economics in Riga she became an art dealer. Anda Klavina has supported artists Janis Avotins, Eriks Apalais, and others in development of their international art career.


The talk will be held in English.

VENUE: Arsenāls Exhibition Hall / Torņa iela 1, Riga