Lithuanian Pavilion receives Golden Lion for the best National Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale

58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia’s Golden Lion for Best National Participation awarded to Lithuanian Pavilion The award of the International Jury – comprising Stephanie Rosenthal (President of the Jury, Germany), Defne Ayas (Turkey/Netherlands), Cristiana Collu (Italy), Sunjung Kim (Korea), and Hamza Walker (USA) – has been presented with

Businesswoman Severija interviewed by Viktorija Damerell

The interview was a part of the collaboration between artist Viktorija Damerell and an anonymous business woman for the exhibition ‘A Colleague From Another Tribe’. the exhibition focuses on expanding the available practices of collaboration between artists and business people

A Curator’s Portrait. Latvia at the 58th Venice Biennale

Under the sunny skies of Los Angeles, Inga Lāce, co-curator of the Latvian pavilion exhibition at the forthcoming 2019 Venice Biennale, and Andrew Berardini, who is to be one of the team members of the Estonian pavilion, go round making

The New Museum as a Process (Continuation, Cracks, and Pleasant Coincidences)

This year, a four-day marathon from 18 to 21 October launched the MO Museum in Vilnius, with ‘plenty of life, sound, different voices, and, of course, the MO people,’ according to its organisers. Starchitect Daniel Libeskind’s white box-like sharp-edged architectural

Fake it till you make it. Notes on electric dreams at PrintScreen festival

Initiated by Dr. Lior Zalmanson, the digital arts and culture festival, PrintScreen, started eight years ago in Tel Aviv as a small festival, one can say, a type of conference event on technology and arts, which gathered art and technology

How a Peasant Tricked a Devil. Notes for New Cosmogonies

  Abstract Extraordinary times require extraordinary figures of speech. Ancient cosmogonic mythologies and their protagonists[1] may help us to understand why today’s positivist myths of egalitarian nationalist societies do not function as we wish. Looking for a mythical figure that


The description of GolfClayderman’s project Invisible Field on ‘427’ Gallery’s webpage includes a warning or perhaps even a justification: “This event, expressed in words, becomes a theoretical speculation crocheted in pseudo-philosophical theories”[i]. As an answer to this dismissive statement why

The 3rd Vilnius Gallery Weekend invites you to turn up the contemporary art’s volume

2018 09 06 - 2018 09 09
launches a new contemporary art exhibition season in the capital city this fall. The events – new exhibitions openings, meetings with artists, concerts and discussions – will be happening around town as well as on its outskirts from the 6th

Inga Lāce in conversation with Katerina Gregos

With a jaunty-sounding acronym, the new private biannual art initiative RIBOCA, the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, will take place in Riga for the first time from June to October this year. Founded by Agniya Mirgorodskaya, who is half-Russian,

The Estonian Art Index has been launched

Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center has launched the website which provides information about transactions made in the Estonian art market as well as general trends in the market to everyone who is interested. A seminar introducing the Estonian Art Index will