Are We Closing? Open Call

October 2, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Calls from Lithuania

Before saying goodbye to the Contemporary Art Centre spaces awaiting serious renewal, we would like to invite artists, curators, writers, various producers and enthusiasts to take part in one of the last projects of this CAC phase.

CAC used to imagine itself as an airport of ideas; however, our famous building will soon close and we will continue our programme without it for at least a couple of years. Yet as one choreographer has once said, people often imagine themselves as airports, when it would be in fact much more interesting to imagine ourselves as airplanes. We would have more freedom to choose what to do, where to be and where to take off from, and we could change our minds at any time. We would still have to choose, but we’d be choosing all the time and from many more options.

It’s a kind of radical uncertainty, which perhaps works even better in an exhibition or on stage than in real life. Slightly infected with it we would like to make an experiment before we temporarily leave our airport: we would like to invite anyone and everyone to propose ideas, projects, events and processes for an exhibition we are planning to open in February 2020. It may be existing artworks or ideas (realised or unrealised, your own or someone else’s) or an opportunity to do something new. Something that seems important, interesting to share or to experience with others. This is an invitation to talk and figure out what is possible to show and do.

We will be waiting for your first thoughts and proposals until the end of October.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Asta Vaičiulytė:, +370 52 616070
Audrius Pocius:, +370 6 8265010
Julija Fomina:, +370 6 8269174
Neringa Bumblienė:, +370 5 2120052
Ūla Tornau:, +370 5 2120052
Virga Januškevičiūtė:, +370 61819216