'City Studies’ by Adomas Žudys and Dalia Mikonytė at Pamėnkalnio Gallery

2017 11 03 — 2017 11 17 at Pamėnkalnio gallery
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Adomas ZudysPhotogrammetry – a way of scanning static object by taking and arranging an array of photos, and piecing them together to form a 3d textured object. By editing the models, introducing “glitch” aesthetics and piecing together building facades, surreal and ephemeral perspectives of city landscape are formed. The creation of such composition is partially independent from us – technology picks certain scales, angles and glitches of the models, and thus plays part in the creation of work.

Video and printed works, which are the results of this partially self-generating product transfers the viewer into a transformed reality. Since materiality is divisible, in our work old and new, digital and analog are intertwined.

Understanding of time and space is true for visible, and not ultimate, reality. This visible reality, based on sense-experience, is generated hand-in-hand with technology. Since sense-experience is dominated by accident, we trust our sentiments and ego-documentary when collecting material and forming cityscapes. These cities are the ones we experienced most vividly, whose maps and meanings we know better than any formal theory.

Together with technology, we pay attention to city’s architectural, sculptural and natural monuments, we create new virtual and dynamic structures, which, in the near future, can take root in public space.

Curator: Laima Kreivytė