Dubious Friendships. On the “(Re)construction of Friendship” exhibition in Riga

This summer the group exhibition “(Re)construction of friendship” was site-specifically installed at the Corner House in Riga, the main building of the State Security Committee (SSC) until 1991 and one of the key attractions of “Riga 2014”. The mediated reconstruction

Culinary criticism: Elza Sīle and Little Vera

Just like the best wine can be ruined if served to the wrong dish, the best lunch or dinner can be ruined if you happen to visit a wrong exhibition before or after it.  To help avoid this confusion, culinary

Once in a Tavern

The Exhibition “In Search of the Horizon” at the Latvian Railway History Museum (23.05-20.07 2014) “The searching nature of art”, “works which could not… not be created”, “the essence of art”, “the presence of the divine in the work of

The Biennial: In Flux or Dead End Street?

International exhibition „Re: visited” at Riga Art Space 14 March – 27 April, 2014  Organized primarily by LCCA (Latvian Center for Contemporary Art), the exhibition “Re: visited,” curated by its director Solvita Krese, intends to question and understand the role

Galva Revisited: Helēna Demakova vs Solvita Krese

by Šelda Puķīte, Valts Miķelsons and Indrek Grigor Two strongly curated exhibitions of contemporary art are currently running in Riga. “Sveika, galva! / Greetings Head!” in Railway Museum, curated by Helena Demakova, and “Re: visited” in Riga Art Space, curated by Solvita Krese. The

In a Subway Tunnel with an Artificial Escort

“Underground” group exhibition at the kim? Contemporary Art Centre   I must begin with the fact that, in this case, it wouldn’t be correct to use the term “group exhibition”, bearing in mind the intention of the artists involved. There’s no

Re_view: RENEW is the message

When it comes to art of the last fifty years, the definition of style and movements has become more flexible and nebulous, making the enterprise of evaluating an artwork more precautious. During this period aesthetics of technology has plaid a

For an occurrence to become an adventure…

Construction projects for buildings serving the arts, once nurtured by the State Agency “Jaunie Trīs Brāļi” (The New Three Brothers), are gradually being revived, one after the other. These projects – Contemporary Art Museum, Acoustic Concert Hall and the Latvian

Tracing the Post-Soviet: from One’s Living Room to Central Asia

Treasure hunt is a game where each player tries to be the first in finding whatever has been hidden, using a series of clues and directions, but mainly counting on their imagination. Searching for artists, who work with the Soviet

Yearning for degree zero. On Ēriks Apaļais’ solo exhibition “Words” at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

“At first glance, nostalgia is longing for a place, but actually it is yearning for a different time – the time of our childhood, the slower rhythms of our dreams. In a broader sense, nostalgia is a rebellion against the modern idea