Missing Parts

  If someone knew beforehand that I was writing a review of an exhibition by Armands Zelčs, they would probably expect me to examine the show from the point of view of his artistic practice as a whole, or as

The Truth Revealed about the National Pavilion

A review of the Mūkusala Art Salon exhibition ‘National Pavilion’, 22.11.2018-19.01.2019 In November 2018, the Mūkusala Art Salon in Riga opened another of its rather frequent collection shows. The task is usually assigned to one of the ‘in-house’ curators, and

From the Self towards Others

  Contemplating Diāna Tamane’s exhibition ‘Commissions’ at the ISSP Gallery (16.11.2018–19.01.2019) Diāna Tamane’s exhibition ‘Commissions’, curated by Evita Goze, could at first sight come across as rather an unusual exhibition. Its aesthetic set-up does not bode well with the trendy

A Reflection on the Cultural Politics of the Artistic Message: The Case of the Baltic Triennial in Riga

The video pictures a shy mimosa: touched by the artist’s lips, the leaves of the plant fold. That is, in fact, all that the image shows for quite some time, a mimosa shrub and the artist’s touch. The video recording

Survival Kit 10: Exhibition as Gesamtkuntswerk

The tenth Survival Kit contemporary art festival (the first part runs from 6 to 30 September 2018, the second part will be in May 2019) is focused on the concept of ‘outlands’, which the curators define as ‘questioning the traditional

Obsessed with Change. Reflections on the first Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art

  “Drastic change calls for extreme measures. Are we sure that we really want to change anything? (sic)” asks a good-looking young woman featuring in the video work Impotence (2017) by Belgian artist Ariane Loze, on view at the Zuzeum

How Portable is the Curators’ View?

 The exhibition ‘Portable Landscapes’ (Latvian National Museum of Art, 27 April to 17 June, 2018) focused on a rather unexpected, or at least eclectic, selection of Latvian exile and émigré personalities, and placed their stories in the broader context of the current

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Orient’ at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Group show curated by Michal Novotny. Co-organised by Bozar, Brussels and Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow. 2 venues: Sporta iela 2 k-1, Riga Tallinas ielā 6, Riga 20/4 – 27/5 2018 Participating artists: Darja Bajagić, Wojciech Bąkowski, Ivana Bašić, Matei Bejenaru, Piotr

Another ethnographic heritage?

Undersong provides the most recent and contemporary engagement between art and ethnography in Northern Europe, contributing to an over a century and a half long scene. Looking to the south, you will see Poland’s development of the Zakopane style in

You Stream, I Browse. A review of the exhibition ‘I’m Only Streaming’ by Marko Mäetamm, at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

I’m Only Streaming is the first solo exhibition in Latvia by the renowned Estonian artist Marko Mäetamm. It’s Saturday morning, and I leave my children with their father in the park two blocks from the Kim? Contemporary Art Centre. It