August Sai Behind the Backgrounds (there are Premises of Language and the bare Image)

This exhibition left me speechless with its impact on me – the impact of no impact. The artist proposes scenarios in the concept of the exhibition on the subject of how kids see and interact with a boat (or its

Contacts of Maarit Murka

Maarit Murka’s exhibition “Contact” in Tartu Art House consists of, to put it simply, black-and-white flags of NATO member countries, gray canvas stretched through the Big Gallery of Tartu Art House and a number of hanging pots from which different

Losing the battle but winning the war?

 On “Is This the Museum We Wanted?” exhibition held in Tartu Art Museum (23.1-9.3.2014), curated by Rael Artel, co-curated by Marika Agu, Mare Joonsalu and Hanna-Liis Kont “Is This the Museum We Wanted?” has gained sharp focus from the Estonian

Prologue to the Truth

by Šelda Puķīte (Riga), Valts Miķelsons (Riga) and Indrek Grigor (Tartu) In one of his most famous pieces, “Things” (exhibited in the attic of Tartu Art House 19.03.-06.10. 2012.), Jevgeni Zolotko worked on the idea of the physical world being

Kids, Go Play in the Corridor

KUMU is the first major museum in Estonia to host an exhibition about video games. “Let’s Play?! Computer Games from France and Germany” displays a selection limited to these two nations because the exhibit marks the 50th anniversary of the

Kumu, April 2013 – multiple curatorial disorder

Covering Japanese animation, German clash art-design, and Estonian seminal solo, the contents of Kumu’s early-April offerings all exhibit symptoms of curatorial distress. Taken as one drawn out experience, as with any such institutional gluttony, the gallery goer comes away similarly

Collective adventures – to set up society less absurd than the system

The situation of contemporary architecture in Estonia is – as anywhere else – drawing from and feeding back into social, cross-disciplinary relations it builds on. To raise some of the under-discussed topics of this cyclic loop, it is vital to

Behind the Masks. Is There Such a Place?

THIS SIDE UP, a group exhibition by Liisi Eelmaa (b. 1982) and Minna Hint (b. 1981), was held in the Black Hall of the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Okasroosikese Loss, in Tallinn’s Old Town, 19 Uus Street) on 8 – 15

Fake it Till You Make it: from Aristotle to Estonia

I want to explore a philosophy, its journey and the workshop  based around this concept by asking participants to try, experiment and make. I’m speaking of “fake it till you make it”- the idea that someone can achieve their desires

The Millionth Global Container: There will be Blood

Since 2008 Global Container attendance has increased from twenty to several hundred and the after party has become slightly less depressive; naked, bloody and bodily art has receded into practiced and polished performances. Global Container is a, more or less,