‘Rest and Vest’ by Indriķis Ģelzis at Vartai gallery

Ģelzis’s wall sculptures seemingly flirt with the future visions and sculptural compositions of the early 20thcentury futurists and constructivists’. However, since the future of the past is now the present, which is a time of great acceleration, the creative principles

Photo reportage from Egle Jauncems’ exhibition ‘Malnutrition’ at Vartai Gallery

Too Much or Too Little. The results from an excessive or inadequate intake of nutrients. Walking into the pastry shop I can see him rolling a piece of dough on the floury table. A glass wall is separating us but

‘Furs’ by Kęstutis Svirnelis for the 15th anniversary of Meno Niša Gallery

Based in the Old Town of Vilnius, Meno Niša Gallery celebrates the 15th anniversary of its foundation and on this occasion presents a special project. Visitors are invited to view the exhibition “Furs” (ŠERSTIS) by famous Lithuanian artist Kęstutis Svirnelis

Photo reportage | ‘The State of Marginal Reality’ by Dainius Trumpis at the Artists’ Association gallery

  The exhibition consists of completely different stories, eras and geographical places which merge into one feeling, image, thought at a certain moment. Childhood memories from the Young Pioneer camp intertwine with the experience of roaming in the streets of Syrian

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘The eyes are most sensitive to red’ by Geistė Marija Kinčinaitytė & James Wilkie at Sodų 4

The eyes are most sensitive to red – is an experiential space created to present Geistė M Kinčinaitytė’s project Bodies Inside Out, which explores articulations of corporeality in contemporary artists’ moving image installations that aim at intensifying emotional and bodily sensations. The baroque

‘Private conversation’ by Rosanda Sorakaitė at Pamėnkalnio gallery

On November 22nd at Pamėnkalnio gallery (Pamėnkalnio str 1, Vilnius), the exhibition „Private conversation“ by the painter Rosanda Sorakaitė was opened. Rosanda Sorakaitė is interested in everyday aesthetics in her paintings, directing her sight to emphatically simple, typical objects from

Photo reportage from ‘YGRG 150: Le Musée Menteur’ by Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė in Vilnius

Exhibition (project space Sodu 4, Vilnius, 9–24 November, 2017) Performance (project space Editorial, Vilnius, 10 November, 2017) Pompeii was discovered and with it was the museum, the circus, the antiquarian shop, the souvenir, and tourism, and so with them, the

Photo reportage from ‘Rupert at 1857. Night of performances‘ in Oslo

On 10th of November, 1857 (Oslo, Norway) and Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania) presented a night of performances “Rupert at 1857” by Lithuanian artists. Augustas Serapinas’ “Gym” and Lina Lapelytė’s new performance featuring musician Liudas Mockūnas and dancer Ilva Juodpusytė celebrated the last months of the current

Photo reportage from ‘HABAS’ exhibition by Tomas Martišauskis at POST gallery, Kaunas

The exposition’s retrospective in the exhibition becomes a single cause, entire, which creates ties through objective means, reveals the universal principal of lie. Every relation of existing matter with it becomes our unquestioning daily experience. As if in the review

‘Abstract Karaoke’ by Jurgis Paškevičius at Editorial

Something so essential that you would not even notice it being in front of you, something so casual that you could chat about all day. Jurgis Paškevičius (b. 1987 Vilnius, Lithuania) mostly works within language and situation-specific contexts. In the