Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘The Body of the Letter’ at Sodų 4

Remote communication is self-evident and often indeed indispensable today. Constantly evolving and simultaneously simplifying communication technologies produce an aura of hypercontemporaneity and disembodiment around it. Yet the art of correspondence, or being together through letters, has deep roots and a

Photo reportage from the exhibitions by Krišs Salmanis and Julijonas Urbonas at Vartai gallery

In the beginning of September the opening of exhibitions by Krišs Salmanis and Julijonas Urbonas took place at Galerija VARTAI. Exhibitions will be open until October 15, 2016. ‘Cumspin’ Julijonas Urbonas Cumspin is a model of gravitational design made by

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Paddock’ by Kaspars Podnieks at (AV17) gallery

Kaspars Podnieks is a conceptual Latvian artist who usually combines photography, installation and video art in his exhibitions. The young artist is one of the most promising art figures in Latvia who already for two decadeshave been participating in exhibitions

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Martin Ebner, Kitty Kraus’ at CAC, Vilnius

The Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius is proud to present an exhibition by Martin Ebner and Kitty Kraus, living and working in Berlin. Both artists, although exercising a peculiar and different artistic vocabulary throughout their practice, were invited to create

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Mindbuilding’ at The Rooster gallery, Vilnius

Collective works of art is quite a frequent occurrence in contemporary art. However, it is far more seldom that one can come across two painters working solo and painting a single picture. Particularly if they are two young painters –

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Dunes’ by Antanas Gerlikas at CAC, Vilnius

“Would you like to learn to communicate with space and its diversity, to meet people who are not anywhere close at the moment?” asked an invisible, inaudible force in one of Antanas’ dreams, which he wrote down, just like he

Climbing Invisible Structures. Ritualized Disciplinary Practices in Social Life. Part 3: Žeimiai

The idea of “climbing invisible structures” invokes not only something hidden, but also something vertiginous and inaccessible. It invites “us” (artists and audiences as participants) to engage and reflect on the complex and multi-layered relationships between the references and meanings

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Hybrid(…)scapes’ at Nida Art Colony

Exhibition title: Hybrid(…)scapes Organised by:  Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts Venue: Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (Taikos st 43, Nida) Date: 23rd July – 28th August 2016 Artists: Pakui Hardware (LT), DISTRUKTUR (BR/DE), Franziska

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Fake. Landscape’ at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre

Elena Grudzinskaitė analyses the relationship of the individual and the territory, the limits and fragility of the parameters of space and time, the human impact on the physical changes of the environment, and the “levitation” of the notion of landscape

Photo reportage from the exhibition “End of Meaning” at Editorial

When she first saw Donald Trump face on her facebook feed, she thought it was a hoax. Some fictional character from the Late night or Morning show or whatever daytime show they watch there for entertainment. The fact that this