Have we finally understood that images are a tool for manipulation? Photo reportage from “Grazed Images” exhibition at CAC, Vilnius

In this digitally driven world, we are surrounded by images. An illusion prevails that we can get rid of them as soon as we switch off our computers and smartphones. However, images live long after we go offline: they transgress

Rethinking art and identity through the legacy of Asger Jorn. Anti-Asger exhibition at gallery “Kalnas”

Anti-Asger is a continuous cultural project, initiated by The Jutland Art Academy, connecting artists from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. In this project, the participants explore the theme of art and identity based on research on the well-known and important artist

The Forgotten Pioneer Movement: Set # B Exhibition

During the exhibition, objects, styles and words that were unnoticed, negated or simply unknown in the context of “pOst-Western” transformation will be collected and reconfigured as indexical traces. In order to understand the processes of historicizing the ‘post-socialist / socialist experience’

Archiving, memory and coincidence in My Parents’ Room by Aurelija Maknytė

Artifex Textile Gallery of the Vilnius Academy of Art present My Parents’ Room, a project by Aurelija Maknytė. The rooms of the gallery lend space to an intertwining exposition of objects and texts associated with the lives of the artist’s parents

Rethinking image sources in photography: Gytis Skudžinskas’ exhibition “12 Truths of Photography”

Gytis Skudžinskas’ exhibition “12 Truths of Photography” took place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, “Titanikas” gallery (Maironio g. 3, Vilnius) during the period of 27 Jan — 14 Feb 2015. The exhibition presented twelve series of artworks dealing with various models

Watched Over By Algorithms: transmediale 2015

Interacting with the world today involves an implicit agreement to be analysed, and not only by surveillance cameras, self-tracking mobile devices, and browser cookies, but increasingly by algorithms created to monitor and predict a trajectory of our behaviour. Our gaze is captured

Postidea. Plotas / Space: a revolt against hierarchy

POSTIDEA is a continuous project, presenting urgent tendencies of contemporary art trough a female perspective. The title of the show refers to a particular space, to (un)covering of a surface, to probing of invisible, inner spaces, to inverting of the

A Romance of Many Dimensions: mediated physical space

Today’s digitality means the abandonment of the world of representation and thus projection, and its replacement by computer-generated reality. A program produces reality in real time – a digital photo is not an interpretation, like a sketch, but the concretisation of a

The necro-romantism of S&P Stanikas. Trip to Mars at Malonioji 6

The necro-romantism of S&P Stanikas, living and working in Paris, is related to a certain  context of degenerating late sovietism and a later shifted socio-political and socio-cultural context, as well as to iconography of the classic Western art. However the

Exist-resist tactics in Parasite & Mimicry at CAC, Vilnius

The exhibition “Parasite & Mimicry” is a result of a one month intense group work at Nida Art Colony of the artists: Timos Alexandropoulos (GR), KVM (Ju Hyun Lee & Ludovic Burel, KR/FR), Christoph Wirth (DE), Irina Gheorghe (RO). The