Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Gabriel Lester. The Nine Day Week’ at CAC, Vilnius

“We would manually spin a record until it spun more than 200 rounds per minute,” he explains. “The sounds on the album would unwind and rattle like something about to breakdown or explode. We would aim for the desired fragment

Photo reportage from Dominykas Canderis exhibition ‘?Perverting’ at project space ‘Kabinetas’

Dominykas Canderis seeks to present human feelings as a testimony of the distance between reality and virtuality. Nevertheless, objects of desire overflow into the technological cracks and digitize sensual experiences. Abstract body parts become flat, they reflect and inhabit the

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Trust it, use it, prove it’ by Vytautas Kumža at Si:said gallery

On November 24th Si:said gallery (Daržų str. 18, Klaipeda, Lithuania) opened an exhibition by Vytautas Kumža ‘Trust it, use it, prove it’. This exhibition is a part of C- side project, presenting young artists from Klaipėda, Lithuania, working and studying

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Jurgis Baltrušaitis’ Manuscripts: For All and None’ at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

Jurgis Baltrušaitis (1903-1988), the son of a famous Lithuanian poet and diplomat, was an art historian in France who took a path that was well off the beaten track. His beautifully illustrated books present an unconventional view of art history:

Material echoes from the exhibitions of A.Weiwei, T.Murakami, M.Pistoletto etc. at project space ‘Sodų 4’

In November 2016 “Sodų 4” – a project space in Vilnius – was showing a selection of works from certain private collections by the world’s most renown artists: Damien Hirst’s and “The Gutai Art Association’s“ drawings, Martin Creed’s photographs and

Photo reportage from Travis Jeppesen’s exhibition ‘Word’ at Rupert

“Word“ is an exhibition of new works by a writer and Rupert’s artist-in-residence Travis Jeppesen. For more than a decade, the young American novelist and poet Travis Jeppesen has been regarded as one of the more iconoclastic practitioners of literary

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Algis Skačkauskas (1955-2009). Paintings’ at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

Algis Skačkauskas (1955-2009) entered the Lithuanian art scene in the last decade of the Soviet era, amid large-scale historical transformations. The Communist system was collapsing, the social liberation movement gained momentum, and the democratic society began to emerge in Central

Photo reportage from the painting exhibition at Rooster Gallery, Vilnius

Having grown from an initiative of young cultural managers into an actively operating and reputable gallery in the course of several years, The Rooster Gallery is enjoying the results of its consistent and purposeful work and invited the viewers to

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘DESERTIFICATION’ by Kristina Inčiūraitė at POST gallery, Kaunas

Talking from an ecological point of view, when the topsoil is disturbed, erosion increases, and as a result the land deteriorates. This is the process of desertification. However, in this project, desertification is seen as receding space-time: time and space,

Photo reportage from Linas Jusionis’ exhibition ‘Decadence’ at Galerija VARTAI

On 6 September 2016 as part of its 25th anniversary exhibitions programme Galerija VARTAI presented Decadence, a solo exhibition by Linas Jusionis. Due to his unique style and consistent way of constructing an image, Linas Jusionis is readily recognizable in