Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Coming Out’ by Laisvydė Šalčiūtė at the Ducal Palace Museum Complex of Mantua, LaGalleria Contemporary Art, Italy

Being in the right place at the right time – is it a success, fate or the result of sequential work? How to recognize the right time and the right place? There is no prescription for that, yet some places

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Not a gift given, but a choice made’ at the Pawilon in Poznań

It is not a gift given. It is not support, location, referent, or source of sustainability for discourse. The road goes upward towards the light; but the laden traveler may never reach the end of it. The past and the

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Resilience’ by Jakub Choma at Editorial

You enter the space and what do you see? Do you see constructed objects, or maybe something accidentally blown with the wind? Is it the remains of a giant ladybug hanging from the wall or does it just seem real?

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Four Letter World’ by Edith Karlson at the (AV17) Gallery

Hate, love, work, fear, cash, spam, pain, perv, scam, weak, game, meme, poop–these are words describing the feelings and states of an individual living in a four letter world. The sculptural installations of Estonian artist Edith Karlson reflect a person

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Shifting brushstroke’ by Povilas Ramanauskas at Klaipėda Culture Communication Center

Povilas Ramanauskas’ „Traveling Stroke“ is an exposition about consistent searches of the expansion of modern painting’s possibilities, about moves from a two-dimensional painting into space and walks at the boundaries of art of painting. The exhibition features the latest painting

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Memory colour’ by Rosanda Sorakaitė at Klaipėda Culture Communication Center

The motifs of Rosanda Sorakaitė’s creative work are the silent, repetitive details of everyday life, where the flow of time is given a meaning through the fixation, reproduction and interpretation with the help of the art of painting. The material

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Mud and Flowers’ by Adomas Danusevičius at the Vartai gallery

Adomas Danusevičius Mud and Flowers Curator Jolanta Marcišauskytė – Jurašienė April 4 – May 10 2019 Vartai Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by the young generation painter Adomas Danusevičius. For over a decade, the artist’s name has

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Do the Right Thing’ at the VAA Titanikas Gallery, Vilnius

28th of March  – 14th of April, 2019 Project curators: Marquard Smith (project curator) and Jurij Dobriakov (co-curator) Exhibition participants: Arnas Anskaitis, Dovilė Bagdonaitė, Eglė Bertašiūtė, Jogintė Bučinskaitė, Vitalij Červiakov, Dovilė Dagienė, Vytautas Gečas, Barbora Gediminaitė, Eglė Grėbliauskaitė, Dalia Grybauskaitė, Mindaugas Jurėnas,

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Tail and Heads’ at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

Exhibition „Tail and Heads“, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius 2019 February 15 – 2019 March 31 Curators: Viktorija Damerell & Ona Juciūtė Artists: Signe Boe and Marie Raffn, Viktorija Damerell, Charlie Fegan, Hannah Fitz, Jan Hüskes, Ona Juciūtė, Brigita Mikalauskaitė, Francesco

Photo reportage from Henrikas Čerapas’ exhibition ‘Aftermath’ at the Meno parkas gallery

“…if I stated that my life and painting is a purest routine, a trajectorial inertia, I could rest assured that this series of works is a mere outcome of such inertia, not a consequence of “pursuit”. But there is something