Photo reportage from the exhibition by Ojārs Pētersons at gallery Alma

Although Ojārs Pētersons describes his works as the exercises of a playing trainer and only succumbs to their interpretation with the greatest reluctance, in essence they are attempts at abstraction from generally accepted assertions. His works are rich in the

Photo reportage from Donna Huanca’s exhibition at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

I clambered over mounds and mounds Of polystyrene foam And fell into a swimming pool Filled with fairy snow And watched the world turn day-glo you know you know The world turned day-glo you know I wrenched the nylon curtains

Deimantas Narkevičius’ solo exhibition “Archaeology of Memories” at the former KGB headquarters

On 12 June 2015 at 18.00 the solo exhibition “Archaeology of Memories” by the internationally renowned Lithuanian contemporary artist Deimantas Narkevičius will open in the Corner House (the former KGB headquarters) in Riga. This is the first time that works

Packed and exported: “Baltic strawberries” at Careof, Milan

Le fragole del Baltico (“Baltic strawberries”) provides an insight into Latvian contemporary art. Initially intended to complement the Latvian pavilion at EXPO 2015, it has fortunately survived the sad cancellation of the pavilion. Le fragole del Baltico presents a selection

Look back at Society Acts at kim?

Just as interactions in society are based on a mix of historical experiences and current demands, the artists in the exhibition Society Acts move between perceived experiences and dreamed aspirations. The exhibition’s title – Society Acts – is to be

Krista and Reinis answers to the question: What is at all important and lasting?

Further developing the tradition where scenography is a field closely related and equal to directing, Reinis and Krista Dzudzilo use the means of theatre in their works both clearly and imaginatively: the message is formed using methods of spatial organisation,

Unique state of consciousness: Winter Sleep

They characterized the exhibition in the following way: “The works of the exhibition ‘Winter Sleep’ is about a reality that has been pushed aside, which takes shape in our state of sleep. The world of sleep is shaped from details

Andrejs Strokins’s “Disorders and Obstacles”

The works of the exhibition “Disorders and Obstacles” reflect people’s desire to escape from reality, or make it more bearable with the help of alcohol. The centuries-old culture of drinking has greatly impacted society, but at the moment the situation

Look back on Krišs Salmanis exhibition “100 books you need not read before you die” (21.11.-24.12.2014.)

I am sure that, despite the claims of popular media outlets, this is not the most stressful age. However, I realize from time to time that I haven’t managed to do something in time. One more new cafe has been

Wil?* at kim?

*what is love? The three words in the questioning abbreviation of kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Latvian stand for “what is art?”. The artists of the exhibition have chosen to ask a different, way more extensive and, by all parameters,