Video reportage from North by Northeast – Latvian pre-pavilion for Venice Biennial

Pre-pavilion exhibition titled North by Northeast, presented as part of SoHo night during the Armory Arts Week, features new and recent works by artists, Kaspars Podnieks and Krišs Salmanis that are intrinsically related to their upcoming installation in Venice. Exhibition

Photo reportage form the exhibition “Revisiting Footnotes I” at LCCA gallery

Like footnotes in a book, the footnotes translated in this symposium via exhibitions, discussions and performative events are kaleidoscopic but purposeful explanations of and additions to the main story of our recent past, dealing with various processes, artefacts, quotations, lifestyle

Photo reportage from the exhibition Berlin–Riga. Scores for Indeterminate Places

The exhibition Berlin–Riga. Scores for Indeterminate Places amalgamates various temporal line segments and transcends both spatial and territorial boundaries, focusing on the meeting of two geographical and cultural hubs: Riga and Berlin in time and space, and artistic strategies, which