Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Retrogression’ by Beth Collar & Eoghan Ryan at the 427 gallery

Retrogression is the logical continuation of ongoing conversations between artists Beth Collar and Eoghan Ryan. Their first show, Juvenilia (2018) took as a point of conceptual departure, the revisitation of younger teenage selves during moments of particular ontological despair, Retrogression

Photo reportage from the the Pavilion of Latvia at the 58th Venice Biennale

“Saules Suns” Daiga Grantiņa Curators: Inga Lāce, Valentinas Klimašauskas Organized by: Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art- LCCA Friday morning, the team of the Latvian Pavilion — artist Daiga Grantiņa, curators Inga Lāce and Valentinas Klimašauskas, founder

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Demons and Ashes’ by Kaspars Groševs at Madona Local History and Art Museum, Latvia

Demons and Ashes Kaspars Groševs Madona Local History and Art Museum Part of MABOCA business and art festival 20.04. – 2.06.2019. Will we stay here for long? 60X40X50. Crystal nostalgia, whiffed by wind, fall into pit of torn apart bed

Photo reportage from ‘First thirst Flesh blush’ by Bogna Wisniewska at 427

smitten, making a space together, fresh paint, treats, eyelashes, thinking of your eyes / hearts / stomachs, no sorries, not guilty about pleasure, first flush. At the moment, Bogna Wisniewska (b.1988, Poland) lives and works in Helsinki, where she processes

Photo reportage from solo show ‘Plague’ by Anna Salmane and a group show ‘Games that people play’ at the Careva gallery

Plague Anna Salmane The town of Hamelin in Germany has for centuries dated documents, by assuming June 26th year 1284 as the starting point of recorded time, since on that day 130 children of the town were lost. In years

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Extra-Planetary Commitment’ at lítost, Prague

We are dragged down by gravity, by the slowness of invention, by the viscosity of wet concrete. While a small organic sprout died of exposure on the moon, our home planet is increasingly filled with toxicity. Toxic air… earth… water.

Photo reportage from the solo show ‘Quantum Hair Implants’ by Amanda Ziemele at Kim?

In her works, Amanda Ziemele represents ideas which are the result of in-depth analysis. Understanding and processing/incorporating the various reference materials and sources discovered into her works is another typical sign of hers; it becomes evident by integration of pictorial

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Safeporting’ by Santa France at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Solo show “Safeporting” by Santa France is based on animated compositions, designed with 3D animation, using screens, metal structures and wires. “Safeporting” is a medical term to describe a process when a medical practitioner performs procedure while telling the patient

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Aminals’ by Alexander Iezzi and Viktor Timofeev at 427 Gallery

V-E+F=∑i(ei3-ei2+1)= ∑i(1-ei6)=2 This pattern began down the center of the iris’s blade, right in the inflorescence, somewhere between its symmetrical six-lobed flowers. The pattern was adorned with consistent veining and small dots. In the centre of the blade it had

MELOS by Anna Ceipe, Līga Spunde and Vika Eksta at the ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga

From 18 January to 24 February 2019, the Creative Studio of the ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga (Torņa iela 1, 2nd floor) will host the exhibition “MELOS”. Exhibition MELOS is a collaborative project