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“Scenography of Horror” – Patrik Aarnivaara and Maija Rudovska for the HIAP

…a house comes to live: the walls are crumbling, the floor is shaking, the water tap starts running, doors slam shut…  Swedish artist Patrik Aarnivaara and Latvian curator Maija Rudovska are currently in collaboration for the project Scenography of Horror at the HIAP. The

“Conditions for Contemporary Culture. Riga” – Essays by Twenty Remarkable Northern European Authors in a Book Devoted to Riga

“Megaphone Publishers” have published a bilingual book of essays “Mūsdienu kultūras stāvokļi / Conditions for Contemporary culture. Riga”. One of the active members of the publishing team is Inga Karlštrēma, Master’s student at the Art Academy of Latvia. The book

Latvian photography in Frankfurt

From 17 October until 10 November the exhibition A Sense of Place. Contemporary Latvian Photography will be held at AusstellungsHalle 1A in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is part of the European cultural days 2013 – Latvia organized by European Central Bank in cooperation with Latvijas Banka.

White Night events and more on Survival Kit 5

During the “White Night” in Riga, on September 7th, Saturday, the International Contemporary Art Festival “Survival Kit 5” will open the doors to the  metaphysical, the subtle world of art. In 12 hours – from 12.00 to 24.00 – the

Latvian Contemporary Art Museum reveals part of its collection in the “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…” exhibition this September

Since 2005 ABLV Bank have been accumulating a collection of contemporary art, to become part of the collection of the Contemporary Art Museum as soon as it is built. With the exhibition “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…” at

LCCA news: Digitising Contemporary Art project has reached its midterm

The project Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) is contributing significantly to the presentation of contemporary art available on Europeana, the single access point to Europe’s digital cultural heritage. In addition to the artworks and contextual documents, the project  delivers practical guidelines on

Latvian pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition in Venice / North by North – East

Commissioners Zane Čulkstēna and Zane Onckule are pleased to announce that the artists Kaspars Podnieks and Krišs Salmanis will represent Latvia for the 55th International Art Exhibition in Venice. The project will be co-curated by Anne Barlow, Director, and Courtenay

Latvian Photography Yearbook is out!

FK Magazine has launched the Latvian Photography Yearbook that for the second year in a row is the platform for those few interesting, artistically attractive and thematically abundant photo projects that have been implemented by Latvian photographers. This year, series of five Latvian

“Recuperating the Invisible Past” book release by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

The most recent publication by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) – the collection of essays and articles in Latvian and English – “Recuperating the Invisible Past” introduces and examines the Latvian, Baltic and Eastern European neo-avanguard art of