Pakui Hardware on entanglements between bodies, economy and technological development

Pakui Hardware is the name for the collaborative artist duo Neringa Cerniauskaite and Ugnius Gelguda, which began in 2014, even though they were already collaborating before. The year 2014 was also when I first saw their work in real life

TO BREATHE IS TO PERFORM. Zane Onckule conversation with Vytautas Jurevicius

Vytautas Jurevicius, a.k.a Vytas, was born in 1981 in Palanga, Lithuania and lives in New York City. As a performance artist, he’s been working with a wide range of feelings and emotions: of being alone, feeling lonely, comforting oneself, being

Kaspars Groševs in conversation with Līva Rutmane

When I am asked which Latvian artist someone should learn about, I usually reply with confidence ‘Līva Rutmane’. I see that the artist Maija Kurševa gives a similar response. However, it would be wrong to assume that Līva’s work features

Viktor Timofeev Turns Left. A morning conversation at Ludlow Coffee Supply on 6 September

Zane Onckule: Hi, how are you? Viktor Timofeev: All right, but stressed out! I’m finishing this collaboration that’s due to open in a few days. It’s with, as part of their show in Amsterdam, and of course there are

Conversations with Smaug. An interview with the curators Saara Hacklin and Kati Kivinen

Šelda Puķīte: Let’s start with the title ‘There and Back Again’. Is that a conscious ‘Hobbit’ quote? Saara Hacklin: Yes, it is, but only in English. It’s not there in the Finnish title ‘Meno-paluu’ though, which would simply be ‘round

How Maija Kurševa and I talked about her newest project, LOW Gallery

In March earlier this year, in the building at Ģertrūdes iela 115, in Riga, the doors in the basement space – now known as LOW Gallery – opened with Unasked-for Truth (“Neprasītā patiesība”), an exhibition by two young artists, Brenda

Kaspars Groševs in conversation with Ieva Kraule

Once upon a time, Ieva Kraule’s (b. 1987) imagined master of the house, Severīns, danced the foxtrot and the cha-cha-chá at Gallery 427, offering his guests different foods floating in shiny gelatine. Later, a genderless spirit named Leva, too afraid

Somersault of Truth. An interview with Miķelis Fišers and Inga Šteimane

This year, 13 May marks the opening of the 57th Venice Biennale, at which Latvia was represented by Miķelis Fišers, with his solo exhibition What Can Go Wrong. Inga Šteimane, the curator of the Latvian exhibition, believes that Fišers’ esoteric

Moments of Failure. Interview with Diana Tamane

Interview with Diana Tamane The work of artist Diana Tamane features private motifs – close-ups of her relatives (literally, as well as figuratively) and form a context for exploring socially significant subjects. The unusual depiction of relationships – ranging from

Overcoming Shyness

Translator, critic and general secretary of The Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia, Haralds Matulis, together with philosopher and publicist Kārlis Vērpe, have researched the financing of cultural periodicals in Latvia, revealing a situation in which circumstances of insufficient