‘Darkness comes at Noon’ by Eglė Gineitytė at The Exhibition Halls Titanikas

Do not turn the light on yet, let’s watch the darkness encroach… “Darkness comes at Noon”, and dark blue light and gusts of air flow through the triangle of the half-opened window. After graduating from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts

‘Re-collections’ by Rytis Urbanskas at (AV17) gallery

2018 01 18 - 2018 02 10 / 6 pm
On the 18th of January 6pm at (AV17) gallery will be the opening of Rytis Urbanskas first solo exhibition “Re-collections”. Inspirations for the artworks are visual and auditory fragments from the past found by the artist. By exploring these fragments

‘BBB (Bamba Big Band)’ by Jurga Barilaitė at Vartai gallery

2018 01 16 - 2018 02 03 / 6 pm
The project BBB (Bamba Big Band) by Jurga Barilaitė is a performative space where the body-orchestra plays and re-sings the history in the style of punk. The beginning of Barilaitė’s studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts coincided with the Singing Revolution

WHIPPED CREAM WITH PEPPERS by Gabrielė Šermukšnytė at Pamėnkalnio gallery

2018 01 12 - 2018 02 02 / 7 pm
In her solo show WHIPPED CREAM WITH PEPPERS, Gabrielė Šermukšnytė returns to the life’s pivotal points as a mandatory lottery and flirts with this notion in a charming, sweet but also bitter manner, as though unexpectedly finding a pepper in

Solo exhibition ‘Stains and Scratches’ by Deimantas Narkevičius at National Gallery of Art

2017 12 29 - 2018 02 25
Video installations of new films by the outstanding Lithuanian contemporary artist Deimantas Narkevičius are presented in the large hall of the National Gallery of Art. They include the première of the film Stains and Scratches, evoking the staging the Vilnius student

‘Luca Vanello: Soaked in repetition, only to retreat in minutes’ at Sodų 4

2017 12 29 / 6 pm
Rupert is pleased to invite you to “Soaked in repetition, only to retreat in minutes”, an exhibition of new works by a current artist-in-residence Luca Vanello. The opening will take place at Sodų 4 (Sodų str. 4, Vilnius) on 29

‘Two and a half’ by Jonas Anicas and Linas Blaziunas at (AV17) gallery

2017 12 14 - 2018 01 10
“Two and a half” is a joint exhibition of young-generation conceptual artists Jonas Anicas and Linas Blaziunas. In the exhibition, the artists interpret forms of nature and culture in their own way. They go deep into the possibilities of shapes

MUU Gallery presents: Performance Voyage 7 Screening in Vilnius

2017 12 20 / 7 pm
“I want my revolution / nice and comfy”                                                                  -Niko Skorpio Performance Voyage 7 (PV7), an international collection of video performances produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Finland, will be screened at project space “Sodų 4” in Vilnius, Lithuania, 20 December

‘Today’ a solo show by Laura Kaminskaitė at Editorial

2017 12 22 - 2018 01 14 / 7 pm
Today All talk and action Dissolving and tacky things Fluid experiences The remnants of smell Secondhand abstraction Weirdo You are always on my mind New verbal images Shaping breath into particular forms To cut a few realities in one leap

Opening of two exhibitions by Patricija Gilytė and Laima Drazdauskaitė at Meno parkas gallery

2017 12 14 - 2018 01 12 / 6 pm
On December 14th (Thursday) at 6 pm, gallery “Meno parkas” (Rotušės a. 27, Kaunas) inviting everyone to the openings of two exhibitions. On the first floor exposition hall, will be presented exhibition “STILLELEVEN. Nature morte. Eleven stills” by gallery’s artist Patricija Gilytė.