OMEGA 3 Interdisciplinary Contemporary Art Exhibition in Mooste

2017 07 02 - 2017 08 07
Celebration of the factory as an act of written history – what makes memory? What makes an object valuable and worth preserving as a heritage – educational sample for society today and in the future? Appearance and disappearance of man

‘Chronicles of Art Life’ at KUMU exhibition space

2017 07 07 - 2017 11 12
Art after the Second World War Art history is not only comprised of art works, but also of events, spaces, relationships and processes. The photographers who have recorded the Estonian art and culture scene (Jaan Klõšeiko, Jüri Tenson, Kalju Suur

‘Cloud Cities’ by Katrin Pere are floating on the walls of the Art Hall Gallery

2017 06 21 - 2017 07 23 / 6 pm
Katrin Pere’s tapestry exhibition, Cloud Cities, will open on 21 June at 6 pm. In her confidently generalizing, tactile imagery, Katrin Pere is more of an visual artist than a tapestry artist. The materials in her work, the surfaces, composition

‘Peeter Allik. Cultivated Schizophrenia’ at Tartu Art Museum

2017 06 09 - 2017 09 17
On 9 June, Tartu Art Museum opens the retrospective exhibition “Peeter Allik. Cultivated Schizophrenia”, which offers an overview of the Estonian painter and printmaker Peeter Allik. The exhibition covers two floors and surveys Allik’s oeuvre from the last four decades,

‘Men’s Shop’ by Jüri Ojaver at Tallinn City Gallery

2017 06 09 - 2017 07 30 / 6 pm
Jüri Ojaver’s solo exhibition Men’s Shop will be open from 9 June at Tallinn City Gallery. Using other men’s words the artist addresses men’s health, life quality, mortality rates and cultural and memory traces left behind. The exhibition will be

Exhibition ‘On time’ by artist duo Sööt/Zeyringer at Hobusepea gallery

2017 06 07 - 2017 07 03 / 6 pm
Artist duo SÖÖT/ZEYRINGER will open their exhibition On time in Hobusepea gallery at 7pm on June 7th, 2017. Sööt/Zeyringer’s live performances and video works are based on movement and text which are combined in rhythmical and poetic structures. In their

Dialogue. Mare Vint and Jaanus Samma at Project space KUMU

2017 06 02 - 2018 01 07
The project space on the 4th floor of Kumu is a mobile extension of the permanent display of Soviet Estonian art, with the intent of creating a dialogue between artists from different generations. The oeuvre of Mare Vint (b. 1942)

The Artist’s Gaze. Self-portrait at Tartu Art Museum

2017 05 26 - 2017 07 30
From 26 May a new exhibition is open in the Tartmus project space titled The Artist’s Gaze. Self-portrait which complements the larger collections based exhibition The Eloquent Body. The self-portrait is a classical genre that has gone through several stages

Karel Koplimets’ solo exhibition ‘Case 11. Talsinki’ at the Art Hall Gallery

2017 05 20 - 2017 06 18
Starting on May 20th, Karel Koplimets’s solo exhibition will be open at the Art Hall Gallery. In it, the artist makes a sharp detour from landscapes that have become bleak and shadowy to the everyday world of people –with little

2017 graduates of the Chair of Painting of the University of Tartu at Tartu Art House

2017 05 31 - 2017 06 18
Siiri Jüris (MA, supervisors Jaan Elken and Veiko Klemmer) “Between Two Sides”, acrylic on canvas, Tartu Art House large gallery Siiri Jüris’ series of portraits “Between Two Sides” shows her considerable painterly technique and touches upon psychological depths. It mesmerises