‘Stories of Belonging. Contemporary Art from Sweden’ at the the Tartu Art Museum

2019 01 17 - 2019 05 05 / 6:30 pm
On 17 January at 6.30 p.m, the international group exhibition “Stories of Belonging. Contemporary Art from Sweden” will open in the Tartu Art Museum. The exhibition brings some of the most significant authors and works from our western neighbours to

‘Objects of Attention’ curated by Francisco Martínez at The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

2019 01 11 - 2019 03 17 / 6:30
The museum opens the 2019 exhibition programme with the exhibition “Objects of Attention”, curated by Estonian based anthropologist Francisco Martínez. In this exhibition, ordinary things are revised into objects of attention. Ten artists have been invited to reflect on the

Exhibition ‘Chassis by Madis Kurss at Hobusepea gallery

2018 12 20 - 2019 01 14
„The high wore away, the chromed skeleton corroding hourly, flesh growing solid, the drug-flesh replaced with the meat of his life. He couldn’t think. He liked that very much, to be conscious and unable to think. He seemed to become

Eva Mustonen’s solo exhibition ‘Spider-Woman’ at Kogo Gallery

2018 12 15 - 2019 01 26
Deriving from the myths related to weaving (both ancient and contemporary), Eva Mustonen offers a prosaic version of tapestry as a niche and archaic textile art form. At the exhibition “Spider-Woman” the artist lays her creative process directly in front

Tartu Art Museum shows Dara Birnbaum’s legendary artwork ‘Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman’

2018 12 07 - 2019 02 10
On 7th December, Tartu Art Museum will open the fifth project in the exhibition series “Links to the World” introducing internationally acclaimed video art. The exhibition focuses on the American artist Dara Birnbaum (b 1946) and her work “Technology/Transformation: Wonder

The exhibition by Eike Eplik and Imat Suumann at the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

2018 12 06 / 6 pm
The exhibition of Eike Eplik and Imat Suumann in the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery melds together works by artists from two different generations into a joint environment where gloomy urban landscapes meet jitter-inducing personal mythology. Imat Suumann’s urban landscapes and

Exhibition ‘Self-Contained Pictures’ by Mart Vainre at Hobusepea gallery

2018 11 07 - 2018 11 26
Mart Vainre has obtained BA degree in the department of painting and MA degree in the department of new media at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He has participated in exhibitions since 2009; this is his 6th personal exhibition. Mart

Ingel Vaiklaʼs solo exhibition ‘You Have Become the Space’ at EKKM

2018 11 16 - 2018 12 16 / 6 pm
Ingel Vaikla You Have Become the Space 17.11.–16.12.2018 Curator: Laura Toots Opening on Friday 16th November at 6pm The exhibition takes place on the ground floor of EKKM EKKM is proud to present Ingel Vaiklaʼs first solo exhibition You Have

Evita Vasiljeva’s solo exhibition ‘Still Stands and Resilient Nows’ at Tallinn City Gallery

2018 10 18 - 2018 11 25
Evita Vasiljeva’s solo exhibition “Still Stands and Resilient Nows” at Tallinn City Gallery 18.10.2018 – 25.11.2018 From 19 October, a solo exhibition by Evita Vasiljeva titled “Still Stands and Resilient Nows” will be open at Tallinn City Gallery. Vasiljeva’s first

Exhibition by Marko Mäetamm, Rita Bozi, Ken Cameron: ‘One Month in Canada’ at Tallinn Art Hall

2018 11 16 - 2019 02 03
16.11–03.02.2019Marko Mäetamm, Rita Bozi, Ken Cameron. One Month in Canada Curator: Anneli Porri Marko Mäetamm steps before us this time in collaboration with the Canadian playwright Ken Cameron and the Canadian writer of Hungarian origin Rita Bozi. One Month in