‘Congregation of Chaos. Retrospective’ at the Kogo gallery, Tartu

2019 05 18 - 2019 06 22
“Retrospective” is a collaborative exhibition by witnesses to the permanently transient immeasurable manifestation of the omnieternally disappearing and emerging chaos. As a spontaneously flowing spatial installation, the exhibition aims to look back upon the perpetual conflict between humanity and the

‘Ex Nihilo’ by Mihkel Maripuu at the Hobusepea gallery

2019 05 03 - 2019 05 20
is an artist whose work can be described as a cross-media artist’s practice. The artist manipulates sound and image, thought and material with the purpose of transfer nonmaterial values into a physical form. Maripuu has obtained BA degree in the

Tommy Cash and Rick Owens. The Pure and the Damned. KUMU, Tallinn

2019 05 03 - 2019 09 15
The exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn displays both the individual works of Tommy Cash and Rick Owens, as well as their jointly executed artworks for the show. Although different in practice and background, Cash’s and Owens’s interests

‘The End’ by Edith Karlson & Dan Mitchell at the Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

2019 05 02 - 2019 06 29 / 7:30 pm
Temnikova & Kasela gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of Edith Karlson’s and Dan Mitchell’s exhibition “The End” on 2 May 2019 at 7.30pm. Karlson and Mitchell have made a show about The End. As we all

Exhibitions of term projects by students in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the EKA Galerii

2019 04 30 - 2019 05 21
The first three weeks in May bring an opportunity to experience, in an exhibition format, works produced by students in the Faculty of Fine Arts as their term projects: every day there will be a fresh crop of university students’

Spring Exhibition 2019 at the Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn City Gallery and the Art Hall Gallery

2019 04 26 - 2019 06 09
Works by a total of 117 artists will be displayed at the 19th annual exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association. Also participating in the exhibition are six art galleries. The show includes classics, the heavyweight champions of Estonian art, as

Exhibition ‘False Vacationer’ by Sigrid Viir at the EKKM

2019 04 27 - 2019 06 16
At the heart of Sigrid Viir’s solo exhibition are blurred boundaries between work and vacation. The name of the exhibition comes from the Roland Barthes essay “The Writer on Holiday” (1954), in which he looked at writers as the bourgeoisie

‘Gustav Klucis: Russian Avant-Garde Art in the 1920s–1930s’ at KUMU

2019 04 11 - 2019 08 25
Exhibition of the work of Gustav Klucis (1895–1938), one of the best-known Russian avant-garde and constructivist artists. This will be the artist’s first personal exhibition in Estonia, covering his whole creative path, employed techniques and theoretical principles. The Latvian-born Klucis

CCAE Screening #2, curated by Vanina Sarancino at Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia

Center for Contemporary Art, Estonia invites you to a screening The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel. Curated by Vanina Sarancino Organised by Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia (CCAE) Artists: Mark Leckey,

Exhibition ‘Dark Matter’ by Lilli-Krõõt Repnau and Helen Tago at the Hobusepea gallery

2019 02 27 - 2019 03 18
Current exhibition by Lilli-Krõõt Repnau and Helen Tago focuses on a specific space-time in a gallery environment. This is a three-dimensional site-specific graphic installation that through the concept of dark matter analyzes the constantly changing, irrational world. Present exposition serves