The Eloquent Body. Works from the Collections of Tartu Art Museum

2017 03 23 / 6 pm
On 23 March at 18:00 Tartu Art Museum will open the exhibition “The Eloquent Body. Works from the Collections of Tartu Art Museum”, which focuses on corporeal communication and the depiction of the body as a means of articulation throughout

Group exhibition ‘Perro’ at Hobusepea gallery

2017 03 17 - 2017 04 03 / 6 pm
Group exhibition Perro / Koer / Dog will be opened in Hobusepea gallery on Friday at 6pm on March 17, 2017. Participating artists: Varvara & Mar, OPN Studio, Vicente Vázquez / Usue Arrieta, Javier Álvarez and Jaime de los Ríos.

Exhibition ‘Black Moomins and Planet Earth. Flowers for the Living’ by Danel Kahar and Grisli Soppe-Kahar at Tartu Art House

2017 03 10 - 2017 04 04
The artist couple working in large format expressive bad painting is first and foremost interest in what enters their works on its own and with no self-censorship. Painting, unlike spoken word, allows honest self-expression and ways of seeing the world.

‘Euroland’ curated by Oleg Frolov at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

2017 03 18 - 2017 05 06 / 5 pm - 7 pm
Anyone curious enough to look into the conditions of our present life and future possibilities will consider two equally significant questions. First, what exactly has allowed a peculiar configuration of well-functioning institutions, sustainable economic development and personal freedoms to appear

Solo exhibition ‘Two by two’ by Alissa Nirgi at Hobusepea gallery

2017 02 22 - 2017 03 13 / 6 pm
Alissa Nirgi is a photography artist who lives and work in Tallinn. She has obtained BA degree from the department of photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2016. Nirgi is currently studying at the refreshment training course on

‘The Children of the New East’ at the Art Hall Gallery and the City Gallery, Tallinn

2017 02 23 - 2017 03 26 / 6 pm
From 25 February, there will be a new international exhibition, The Children of the New East, at the Art Hall Gallery and the City Gallery. This exhibition seeks out the non-existent memory of the children born after the pivotal events

Group exhibition ‘A Space Above the Line’ at Hobusepea gallery

2017 02 02 - 2017 02 20
The group of MA students of the Estonian Academy of Arts has turned the gallery into a seemingly habitable apartment consisting of all the usual things that belong to a home. Yet, it is unclear whether it is an

‘M. Robinson and Other Stories’ by Maria Sidljarevich at Tartu Art House

2017 02 09 - 2017 03 05 / 6 pm
The great square has no corners …the great tone makes only a tiny sound, the great image has no form. [—] Hold the great image in your hand and the whole world comes to you. Laozi / Francois Jullien Maria

Exhibition ‘Life per se’ at Tartu Art House

2017 02 09 - 2017 03 05 / 6 pm
„Life per se” looks at the mundane and peculiar moments in the artists’ lives in a cognitive way rather than trying to exhaustively phrase them. Although people tend to instinctively think that everything clearly defined and certain is safe and

Performative installation ‘Kapriisid II’ by Henri Hütt and Mihkel Ilus

2017 01 25
Kapriisid II are adventure tales of spaces, situations and personality. Kapriisid II is performative installation dominated by the collision of black and white magic. Light freezes into sculpture, theatre curtain cracks. Perspective matters. “We will figure the sound, listen to