International exhibition-project ‘(Hyper)emotional: YOU’ at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

2017 08 04 - 2017 09 10 / 5 pm
International exhibition-project (Hyper)emotional: YOU sets three equally important factors for the process: collective creation, scenography and emotional manipulation. The project curated by Evelyn Raudsepp originates from her concept of a grey-hall, the meeting point of the white cube and the black box,

‘Still Life. Cherries and a Skeleton‘ by Ketli Tiitsar and Kristi Paap at Tallinn City Gallery

2017 08 11 - 2017 08 10
For centuries the still-life or nature morte has offered artists more freedom than for instance painting a commissioned portrait or landscape. Through carefully considered compositions multi-layered stories were intertwined using objects, animals and nature’s bounty with symbolic value. Ketli Tiitsar

‘The Study of Sight’ at Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

2017 07 29 - 2017 09 03
“The project portrays blind people in Estonia, using sculpture, installation and interviews, and raises the broader issue of “social blindness”… Is everything really as sighted people see them or is there a point, when seeing becomes blindness,” write the participants

‘Links to the World: Martha Rosler’ at Tartu Art Museum project space

2017 08 04 - 2017 09 10
On the 4th of August Tartu Art Museum opens an exhibition showcasing Martha Rosler’s video „If it’s too bad to be true, it could be DISINFORMATION“ in the museum’s project space. The exhibition will be open until the 10th of September.

Exhibition ‘Potato vs Rice’ by Lilli Tölp and Mai Sööt break at Tartu Art House

2017 07 01 - 2017 07 23
Artists Lilli Tölp and Mai Sööt travelled for many years in India and Asia. They lived and ate with locals and when there was not enough room, they shared the floor of a train with fellow travellers. The immense hospitality

An international graphic design exhibition ‘Signals from the Periphery’ at Tallinn Art Hal

2017 06 30 - 2017 08 13
Tallinn Art Hall opens Estonia’s most extensive graphic design exhibition of the past decade Signals from the Periphery, an international graphic design exhibition curated by Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa will be open from 1 July at Tallinn Art Hall,

Solo show ‘Stick It In Your Wall’ in Tallinn by visual artist Mihkel Ilus

2017 07 05 - 2017 07 31
The solo show Stick It In Your Wall by Estonian visual artist Mihkel Ilus opened at Hobusepea Gallery in Tallinn on July 5 2017. The exhibition concludes his experiments of the last four years and opens a new chapter –

OMEGA 3 Interdisciplinary Contemporary Art Exhibition in Mooste

2017 07 02 - 2017 08 07
Celebration of the factory as an act of written history – what makes memory? What makes an object valuable and worth preserving as a heritage – educational sample for society today and in the future? Appearance and disappearance of man

‘Chronicles of Art Life’ at KUMU exhibition space

2017 07 07 - 2017 11 12
Art after the Second World War Art history is not only comprised of art works, but also of events, spaces, relationships and processes. The photographers who have recorded the Estonian art and culture scene (Jaan Klõšeiko, Jüri Tenson, Kalju Suur

‘Cloud Cities’ by Katrin Pere are floating on the walls of the Art Hall Gallery

2017 06 21 - 2017 07 23 / 6 pm
Katrin Pere’s tapestry exhibition, Cloud Cities, will open on 21 June at 6 pm. In her confidently generalizing, tactile imagery, Katrin Pere is more of an visual artist than a tapestry artist. The materials in her work, the surfaces, composition