The Networked Camera at Work: Why Every Self-portrait Is Not a Selfie, but Every Selfie is a Photograph

Recently an artist friend claimed in a conversation that he thinks that people, including himself, have made selfies all the time, even before the appearance of social media and smartphones. He said he used the word “selfie” just as a

kim? Residency Award finalists announced

kim? Contemporary Arts Centre is pleased to announce the second iteration of the kim? Residency Award, this year in partnership with International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York. The current nominees, artists selected for this Award by the

Growing Mushrooms, Diminishing Us

The lifespan of the fruiting body of a fungus, except for some polyporaceae fungi, is very short – from several hours to a dozen days. People believe that fungi grow very fast, which is partially true, but this only applies

Doubts of a Post-Modernist Dilettante

Post-Modernism is pure dilettantism, says the Latvian musician Ingus Baušķenieks in a documentary directed by Kristīne Želve, dedicated to the Latvian interdisciplinary artist Hardijs Lediņš (1955–2004). This film was shown at the exhibition Lediņš. Between This and the Other (curated

A Community-Based Practice or Just “A Practice”? Socially Engaged Art in the Baltic States

During a recent discussion that I attended on socially engaged art, conducted during the run up to the next Open Engagement Conference (an international conference devoted to socially engaged art that will be held in my current city of Chicago,

What I know about Beautiful Soul Syndrome Community

  The author of the text studied in the Kingdom of Welfare, and after she left it a couple of years ago, she felt an obligation to write about that experience some day. The experience was based on her art

Asger Jorn and Critique of Eurocentrism

„But as anyone knows, like living reality, culture is what is left when all that has been understood has been forgotten.“1   Jorn actually never used the word Eurocentric, but his theories reveal clearly what it is all about. Particularly

Confronting and constructing the past, present and future

What do we know about the post-/socialist past? And is it really all we can know?1 Which previously unknown ways and prospects of responding to this time remain open, and which (alternative) insights are thus made possible? Exhibitions, symposia and

The Concept of Double Performativity in the Baltic Video Art

In this article I will focus on discussing the politics of gender representation as it is manifested through the female body in video performances made by women artists in the Baltic States. I will analyse how the concept of gender

Moussaka, tamales and the story of the desired banana

Among us all there are feeders and there are eaters. Most of us are eaters – but only some of us are feeders. In Oslo, at the Migrating Art Academies Food / Biotechnologies / NeoColonialism workshop in May 2014, most