Confronting and constructing the past, present and future

What do we know about the post-/socialist past? And is it really all we can know?1 Which previously unknown ways and prospects of responding to this time remain open, and which (alternative) insights are thus made possible? Exhibitions, symposia and

The Concept of Double Performativity in the Baltic Video Art

In this article I will focus on discussing the politics of gender representation as it is manifested through the female body in video performances made by women artists in the Baltic States. I will analyse how the concept of gender

Moussaka, tamales and the story of the desired banana

Among us all there are feeders and there are eaters. Most of us are eaters – but only some of us are feeders. In Oslo, at the Migrating Art Academies Food / Biotechnologies / NeoColonialism workshop in May 2014, most

Design Choreography: a Case Study of the Wire

Things have the power to choreograph us, set us in motion (or into stasis). The invention of pavement, for example, had introduced the pedestrian traffic, shoes prolonged the step, while buildings had given possibility to the emergence of parkour or

Collinearity. A flash drama in one act.

The following short play is a response to the interview of Edith Scob by Raimundas Malasauskas, Valentina Desideri, Mark Geffriaud and Géraldine Longueville on Monday, March 18th 2013. The interview was conducted on the occasion of the release of Holy