Pushing the Boundaries: Vivian Sky Rehberg in conversation with Melvin Moti

What follows is an abridged version of a public conversation which took place on February 1, 2014 in the CAC Reading Room between art critic and historian Vivian Sky Rehberg and Melvin Moti, a Rotterdam-based artist whose exhibition Hyperspace that

Popcorn, Pepsi, Petabytes exhibition at CCS Bard / Hessel Museum of Art

From April 13th through May 25th The Center for Curatorial Studies presents thirteen exhibitions and projects curated by second-year students in its graduate program in curatorial studies and contemporary art, among which is Popcorn, Pepsi, Petabytes curated by Lithuanian Neringa Černiauskaitė. Popcorn, Pepsi,

Arnis Balčus’ talk at the Street Level for Glasgow International

From 4th April through to May 18th Street Level for Glasgow International will feature Arnis Balčus’, one of Latvia’s most promising artists in the photographic oevre, exhibition  ‘Victory Park’. On Saturday 5th April 1.30 pm the artist will give a talk on his

The exhibition by Lithuanian artists in Gdansk presents female gaze to architecture and history

On 28th March, 6 pm The Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art (Łaźnia CCA) (Gdańsk Nowy Port, 5 Strajku Dokerów Str., Poland) opens The Meeting. Stolen Past exhibition by Kristina Inčiūraitė and Cooltūristės. The exhibition is an artistic exploration of the female gaze and

First events of the XII Baltic Triennial

HERE is a recent conversation with Antanas Gerlikas. In it he says something about art being a really good way to produce proof of things that you want to exist. This sounds like a really vague idea, like it could

“Cupboard and a Play” – A solo exhibition by Deimantas Narkevičius

Terse, though not without humor, Cupboard and a Play is the title of the new solo exhibition by Lithuanian artist Deimantas Narkevičius. The name links his sculptures to Narkevičius’ most recent film made in 2013. As the artist likes to say of all

The Silent University at Le 116 – Montreuil meeting

The Silent University is an autonomous knowledge exchange platform by and for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Ahmet Öğüt initially started it at Tate London, with Delfina Foundation. Today, it has premises at The Showroom London, and, since last year,

Baltic Art Center news 2014

Current and Upcoming Public Events Goshka Macuga, Non Consensual Act (in progress) Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm Dec 14  – April 12 Michal Libera, HIT&RUN – Stolen material in music production Artist talk, BAC Feb 13, 17.00 Michal Libera, The

Evita Vasiljeva’s “Monograms” at Gallery Vita Kuben, Umeå

January 24, 4-5pm Gallery Vita Kuben (Umeå, Sweden) present “Monograms” by Evita Vasiljeva from the series Hanging above. The Case in the Cafe  Zane Onckule and Maija Rudovska. To begin with, I drink my coffee black. Had too much and now I’m

Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursiša present “Let me google that for you” at the Netwerk, Belgium

On Friday, January 17th, 8 pm Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursiša present their joint project “Let me google that for you” at the Netwerk center for contemporary art (Houtkaai z/n, B-9300 Aalst, Belgium). The foundation for this project comes from something resembling a