“Double Bind” opens in Oslo on 21st of January

The Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts together with Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania) and The Living Art Museum (Reykjavik, Iceland) present Double Bind, a travelling exhibition of new commissions. Double Bind aims to restore a sense


Person’s role, in all its complexities, is never sure or stable. Acting and manifesting itself in a certain way, it traces the relationships that individual has with his social and physical environment. Somewhere between the human’s outer and inner conditions

PERFORMANCE ART AS A TOOL FOR DEMOCRACY workshop with Denisas Kolomyckis

After involving more than 100 people in Armenia and Georgia, the workshop “Performance Art as a Tool for Democracy” is coming to Loural as a result of partnership between RAIZVANGUARDA – Cultural Organization and Loural Village. This workshop takes place

kim? presents Latvian artists at Careof, Milan in an exhibition Le fragole del Baltico (“Baltic strawberries”)

  From June 9 through to July 19 Latvian artist exhibition organised by kim? Contemporary Art Centre will be open at Careof, Milan. The opening event on June 9 at 6.30pm will be accompanied by a performance by Kaspars Groševs.

Exhibitions of De Appel Curatorial Programme 2014-2015: Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell and Your Time Is Not My Time

From May 23 though to June 28, 2015 De Appel arts centre presents the final project of the Curatorial Programme 2014 – 2015 with two exhibitions: Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell and Your Time Is Not My Time. Spell to Spelling

Satellite Affects and Other Lines of Flight

Taking its departure point from exploring the reciprocal relationships between artistic practice and the contexts of its realization, Satellite Affects and Other Lines of Flight presents the works of the eight artists and the artist collective, who since 2010 participated in District’s

Marge Monko, Eléonore de Montesquiou and Lola Lasurt in a screening and artist talk during Art Brussels 2015

On Saturday, April 25th 4-6pm the screening and artist talk with Marge Monko, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Lola Lasurt and curator Caroline Dumalin (WIELS) will be held at the Estonian Embassy (Rue Guimard 11/13, Brussels) during Art Brussels 2015. Program: Marge

The Forgotten Pioneer Movement: Set # B Exhibition

During the exhibition, objects, styles and words that were unnoticed, negated or simply unknown in the context of “pOst-Western” transformation will be collected and reconfigured as indexical traces. In order to understand the processes of historicizing the ‘post-socialist / socialist experience’

Watched Over By Algorithms: transmediale 2015

Interacting with the world today involves an implicit agreement to be analysed, and not only by surveillance cameras, self-tracking mobile devices, and browser cookies, but increasingly by algorithms created to monitor and predict a trajectory of our behaviour. Our gaze is captured

Lily’s Pool: Kaspars Groševs, Leva Kraule, Kristine Kursiša & Miks Mitrevics, Daria Melnikova, Evita Vasiljeva, Armands Zelčs

Art in General presents Lily’s Pool, a group exhibition organized in partnership with kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia as part of the International Collaborations program. Now I will tell you what happened at the Lily’s Pool. A welcome ceremony.