“Traces – Contemporary Baltic Photography” in Budapest

In the framework of Hungarian Month of Photography festival in Budapest in 2012 the Young Photographers’s Studio launched a creative idea and workshop activity into the scene cooperating with young, emerging experts (sociologists, historians, anthropologists) of Kontra Műhely. The artists

Pakui Hardware – Shapeshifter, Heartbreaker in Frankfurt

On 24 October, 7 pm an artist duo Pakui Hardware opens the Shapeshifter, Heartbreaker exhibition at Jenifer Nails, Kaiserstraße 62-64, Frankfurt. if (currentEvent == MarketEvents.STABLE_HIGH) { if (newPrice < lastPrice) // started falling nextEvent = MarketEvents.FALL; else nextEvent = MarketEvents.STABLE_HIGH;

The Forgotten Pioneer Movement invites to a Set #C Public Seminar – The Pioneer Camp of ReVision on October 3-5, Berlin

On 3-5 October The Pioneer Camp of ReVision is a public, four-day seminar taking place at District and different locations in Berlin from October 3rd to 5th and on November 20th. It includes lectures, workshops, discussions, artist talks, performances and

Gediminas Akstinas’ solo exhibition at Art in General’s Musée Miniscule

The Gardens and Art in General are pleased to announce a solo exhibition by a Lithuanian artist Gediminas Akstinas on view at Art in General’s Musée Miniscule from September 13– October 25, 2014. This is the fifth and the last

The Forgotten Pioneer Movement – between socialism and post-socialism

We understand that our generation’s mission is to revise this strategically demonized past. Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė (artist and curator, Lithuania) On October 2nd District Kunst- und Kulturförderung opens The Forgotten Pioneer Movement (TFPM) – an interdisciplinary performance and exhibition project about the experiences of

Soft City: three-day performance and screening programme around Oslo

Soft City is a three-day programme of performances and screenings around the city of Oslo, both in established venues and in public space, including several major new commissions on 4–6 September 2014. Soft City presents works by contemporary artists that

Park Nights 2014: Lina Lapelytė’s Hunky Bluff at Serpentine Pavilion

Between June and October 2014, Serpentine Galleries present Park Nights, an annual series of live art, poetry, music, film, literature, performance and theory. This summer, eight events have been conceived to take place on selected Friday evenings in the unique

Photo/video reportage from “What thinks me” exhibition at Taiga, Saint Petersburg

From June 27th – July 21st Taiga (Dvortsovaya nab. 20, Saint Petersburg, Russia) features an exhibition What Thinks Me which seeks to understand how the concept of the self is being constructed and/or reflected through artworks. The show revolves around this subject through

Photo reportage from “From 199C to 199D” by Liam Gillick

For more than twenty years Liam Gillick (born 1964, U. K.) has questioned the exhibition as a phenomenon and isolated the possible markers that could define it. These include the occupation of time, the role of the institution and varied

What Thinks Me: exhibition and series of events in St. Petersburg

For the first time in St. Petersburg, two Lithuanian curators Justė Kostikovaitė and Monika Lipšic will present a group show comprised of Lithuanian and international artists, many of whom have never before exhibited in Russia. The exhibition What Thinks Me