Call for Young Painter Prize’16

YPPThe project “Young Painter Prize”, which is taking place for the eighth time, invites young artists from three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – to submit applications.

The applications of participants must be submitted by 1 September, 2016

Conditions for participation in the project:
1. All artists that have a degree in art or are studying it, as well as senior art students can participate in the project “Young Painter Prize 2016”
2. Applications for participation should be submitted by the young artists under the age of 30 (inclusive);
3. The painting submitted for the competition should be created during the period of 2015/2016 (one artwork must be provided for the competition, selected by the artist at his/her own discretion);
4. By September 1, 2016 the due information should be submitted in e-variant (by e-mail:, including:

✶ Artwork photos of a good quality (1 photo of the artwork devoted for the competition – marked as the main competitive artwork in order to distinguish it from others, and 4 photos of accompanying works). It is essential to indicate the registers of each artwork: the title of the artwork (in English), the size, its accomplishment technique and date. The top of the painting should be clearly indicated as well. (Photo format jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif)

✶ The application form (online)
✶ Creative biography (in English)
✶ The descriptive conception of the competitive artwork (up to 1 page, in English);

5. The artist who has presented his/her painting for the competition, accepts the condition that the artwork of “Young Painter Prize 2016” winner become property of the project organizers;
6. The artist who has presented his/her painting for the competition, accepts the condition that the project organizers have a right to use the creation for information dissemination purposes without the author’s agreement and without any copyright payment;
7. Former YPP Main Prize winners cannot participate in the project.

Echo Gone Wrong
August 3, 2016
Published in Calls from Lithuania
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