BOOKS NIGHT OUT – a Christmas’s party and a book sale at Kaunas Artists’ House

7 pm
Duration: 2017 12 15

KMN_ziburelis_coverOn Friday, 15th of December, 7 pm. Kaunas Artists’ House and „Six chairs books“, the art and theory bookstore, invites you to BOOKS NIGHT OUT – a Christmas’s party and a book sale, which will be followed by “Vakarienė ant rūgščios žolės. Vegan on acid”, a psychedelic dinner organized by Saulius Leonavičius and Gabrielė Nemirskytė. The dancing part of the evening will be accompanied by Filomino DJ’s, come and dance with us!


Time is an insect that leaves its maggots to hatch on an open wound of a mammal. There’s more face on these thighs than on all of the women’s bodies.

Dorothea Lasky, “Scene from Medieval War” (December Issue 2017, Poetry Foundation)

For one evening and night only, “Six chairs books”, the art and theory book store, is opening its shelves, bar, boxes, virtual and real spaces and inviting everyone to BOOKS NIGHT OUT – to nocturnal fishing for the most relevant readings of the upcoming year, the celebration of future promises and live readings (in case you ask for them).

Night sales till the last breath. New publications from publishing houses such as Spector Books (Leipzig), Primary Information (New York), Valiz (Amsterdam), Roma Publications (Amsterdam), new magazines – Extra Extra 9, Graphic #37, Volume #51, Terremoto #10, Harvard Design Magazine #44, among many others.

“Vakarienė ant rūgščios žolės. Vegan on Acid”:

What is common between artistic research, kitchen, pharmacon, gluten, ethnobotany and neuro-hacking, psychedelic aesthetics and institutional criticism? Let’s mix those questions into dough and bake waffles.

“Vakarienė ant rūgščios žolės. Vegan on acid” is a s(t)imulation of a new diet (Greek “daita” meaning “way of living”). It’s a ritualistic laboratory, in which the ethics of archaic cuisine are combined with psychedelic aesthetic into an event which is being experienced through a somatic ritual. The project is based on these basic terms: a) all food is psychoactive (its constitution directly affects consciousness and its development); b) nutrition is ideological (food choices determine lifestyle, social relations and identity). In collective dinners food and its origin are being emphasized as much as interactions and mood between participants.

A network is created between matter, consciousness and community. It is not only stylistic play which becomes important, but also combinations and interruptions of different (sub)cultural actualities and events. The essential motive behind this action is the very case of socialness and its unpredictability. What can happen, merge or change, which fortuities or realities will manifest?

The project in Kaunas Artists’ House is a continuation of the ritualistic “Vakarienė ant rūgščios žolės. Vegan on Acid” dinner cycle and an invitation to try out a new waffle recipe.

The project is organized by Saulius Leonavičius and Gabrielė Nemirskytė.

Both events are going to be accompanied by Filomino DJ’s.

The entrance to all the events is free.

Echo Gone Wrong
December 13, 2017
Published in Events in Lithuania
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