Bodies and Interiors: Introducing Julija Goyd

November 30, 2013
Author Justė Kostikovaitė
Published in News from Lithuania

Photographer Julija Goyd (b. Vilnius, lives and works in Berlin) has worked as finance director, actress and model in Vilnius and abroad. After this whirlwind of different careers  5 years ago she started working as a photographer and visual artist.

As an artist she is participating in exhibitions and producing special commissions. The recurrent themes in her work are identity and body representations: both inside and outside the domestic space. Sometimes the bodies are “caught” as birds sitting in the trees or gulping the water, sometimes these bodies are interacting with urban architecture in a way that animates the architecture and makes it into another protagonist of the possible storyline.

This August Julija has participated in the exhibition Shooting Kitty at the Kitty Carpentier Gallerie in Berlin and The story of the creative, Angel Orensanz, Foundation For Contemporary Art in New York. At the moment she is preparing for the  group show at the Lehrtersiebzehn Project space, that is operating less as a gallery but more as a place for others to experiment. In addition she works as a photographer and contributes for the German Weekly SPIEGEL.

Julija Goyd was also included in the book The Naked & the Nude published earlier this year by Stockmal and Martel that features the work by some of contemporary art’s best-known names. The luxurious edition also includes works by Wolfgang Tillmanns, Nobuyoshi Araki, Ralth Gibson, Vanessa Beecroft and Jeff Bark.

The story of  The Naked & the Nude goes back to year 2012 when Stockland Martel agency has invited Peter Weiermair to edit the book. Peter Weiermair was purposfully selected as an editor so to give the book a curator’s insight. From 1980 to 1998 Peter Weiermair was Director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein and currently works as a curator of the Kunsthalle Wien.  In his curatorial practice Weiermair was always interested in the body and its representations. For example, in 2011 he curated a show No More Fashion at  the Kunsthalle Wien that showcased artistic practices that explore the relationship between bodies and clothes and the dialectics between the form of the body and its appearance. Next year another book, edited by Peter Weiermair will be published, called Faces, where Julija Goyd’s work will be included as well.

The Naked & the Nude was released in edition of only 500 copies making a rare item. Curiously, it was pompously presented this past January in Bologna’s 16th century anatomical theatre at the Archiginnasio. In the photo below, the book is displayed on the actual table where anatomy of the human body was once studied.

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Stockland Martel is a New York City–based agency that represents advertising and editorial photographers.


“The Naked & the Nude” on display on the original anatomy table at the 16th-century Archiginnasio in Bolgona. Photograph of Stockland Martel

“The Naked & the Nude” on display on the original anatomy table at the 16th-century Archiginnasio in Bolgona. Photograph of Stockland Martel


Julija Goyd, “Amazons of the pen” from “Themselves” series, 2013


Julija Goyd, “Portrait of Farid” from “Themselves” series, 2013