Veronika Valk studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EE) and Rhode Island School of Design (US), she is currently a PhD candidate at RMIT University School of Architecture in Melbourne (AU). She lives in Tallinn (EE) and works as an architect in her practice Zizi&Yoyo. She has constructed both public and private buildings, designed interiors and landscapes, won some 30 prizes at various competitions as well as published a number of critical essays on architecture and urbanism. Veronika Valk has recently received the national Young Architect Award 2012.

Collective adventures – to set up society less absurd than the system

Estonian Academy of Arts - previous building

The situation of contemporary architecture in Estonia is – as anywhere else – drawing from and feeding back into social, cross-disciplinary relations it builds on. To raise some of the under-discussed topics of this cyclic loop, it is vital to

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