Tomas Marcinkevičius

Tomas Marcinkevičius is a student, a layman and a latent hater of all art. He got his MA in Social and Political Critique while dreaming of a non-institutionalised academia. He maintains it is impossible to proceed with the social life without PhDs becoming more like punks and punks becoming more like PhDs.

Need, Politics, Alytus, Gentrification, Commons: Five Intersections on Public Space

Community evening next to the autonomous social centre "Clinics", Prague

This conversation took place a couple of months after Kasparas Pocius gave his lecture “Indiscernibility: Public Spaces, Nomadic Strategies” in Kaunas, at the “Forensic Flaneur” event. I (T.M.) had quite a few questions for Kasparas, I wanted a proper discussion,

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Witnessing vs Language

Clapham during the 2011 London Riots, photograph by bayerberg

“He was more a man of preferences than assumptions.” Herman Melville, Bartleby the Scrivener This text is a response and feeds upon a great text by Tomas Čiučelis: “Hypocritical Notes”. Some parts of this text should not be considered to simply

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The Open Tension and Its Failures in Performance Art


(a few impressions from the last day of the “Creature Live Art 2014”, Kaunas)   A pricelist in a French brothel: “Sexual intercourse: 100 francs. Observing the sexual intercourse: 200 francs. Observing the observers: 300 francs.” (A rusty old joke)

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