Tomas Čiučelis

Tomas Čiučelis is a philosopher, translator, and interdisciplinary researcher. Finished Media Art studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, currently a PhD candidate in Continental Philosophy at the University of Dundee. Books translated and published in Lithuania: Lev Manovich, “Language of New Media”, and Noam Chomsky, “Hegemony or Survival.” Research fields: mediation, philosophy of technology, alterity and language. Actively following the developments in speculative philosophy.

The Effect of Contemporaneity – V


< Back to Part IV   / postcolonial colony   Even if an artist is from megapolis, she still needs to enter the contemporary art world through certain global hubs of geopolitical importance. Not to mention someone from ‘anywhere’ (i.e., ‘global

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Exhibition as a Tourist Attraction, or Where Did the “Grazed Images” Come From?


A review is a strange and controversial genre indeed. On the one hand, it calls us to affirm that a certain qualification is at work—i.e. a reviewer is assumed to know the necessary conditions of a phenomenon that happens to

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The Effect of Contemporaneity – IV


< Back to Part III    / it’s natural   The problem of considering oneself as underdeveloped today does not signify a failure to develop, but a failure to ask a question: ‘underdeveloped—yes, but under whose terms?’ What is at stake

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The Effect of Contemporaneity – III


< Back to Part II   / value   Let us continue with a paradoxical observation: when an artist enters the structure of a global art market, the thing we call ‘artistic value’ can become (and it often does) only an

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The Effect of Contemporaneity – II


< Back to Part I   / developement   Before we go any further, let us ponder a bit on what could possibly be implied by this overused and hyperinflated term ‘development.’ Surely we can rely on an almost instinctive

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The Effect of Contemporaneity – I


  / emergence   If there was only one important word that would give us a hint at how the international portfolios are being put together by emerging artists today, then the word would be ‘quickly.’ To be more precise, the

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The State of Critique in the Times of Acceleration

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I. The problem that critique faces today is that of its relevance in the world where even the most subversive strategies and actions—including ‘having fun’ and ‘making friends’—are capitalisable. It is a problem of inability to speak ‘from within the

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Waltzing with the Undead: Before, After, Beyond, and Without Photography


Ce n’est pas une image juste, c’est juste une image — J.L. Godard It is an attempt to reflect on an exhibition “12 Truths of Photography” (“Titanikas” Gallery, Vilnius, 27.01.-14.03.2015)—a series of media-specific artworks created over the period of the

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Hypocritical Notes

Adrian Sobaru, an electrician at the national television station, throws himself from a balcony in Romania's Parliament in protest against cuts of civil servant pay. AP Photo/Bogdan Stamatin/Mediafax Foto, 2010

What is going to be said here? What kind of lack, what kind of rarifaction would cause the words to come rushing in? And why start with this negativity of absence and lack, instead of relying on what has already

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The Monolith Case: Vilnius Junction


There it is — an impenetrable and enigmatic intruder, immune to a commanding recognizability of its surroundings, immune to the expectations of puzzled spectators. It is simply out there in all its presence and givenness, inviting the gaze and returning

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