Simon Barker

Simon Barker is a Tallinn based philosopher, writer, poet, visual text thingy and occasional breakdancing performance artist. He has graduated from Classical Studies at University of London, continued in Philosophy at Kings College and gained Ph.D. at University of London in 2008. He lectures on Epistemology and Hellenictic Philosophy in Tallinn University since 2012. He writes on culture and art at

Kumu, April 2013 – multiple curatorial disorder


Covering Japanese animation, German clash art-design, and Estonian seminal solo, the contents of Kumu’s early-April offerings all exhibit symptoms of curatorial distress. Taken as one drawn out experience, as with any such institutional gluttony, the gallery goer comes away similarly

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Illegal Aesthetics: blowing the art out of Tallinn

Explosions, photograph by Mari Keski-Korsu

Hijacking the Ptarmigan practice over the first quarter of 2013 is Illegal Aesthetics, an ongoing laboratory executed within the Migrating Art Academies framework, purse-snatching for interrogation the very scope of art’s social domain. How far can critique be constrained by

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