Šelda Puķīte

Šelda Puķīte is Latvian art historian, critic and curator based in Riga. She has graduated from History and Theory of Visual Arts and Culture MA at Art Academy of Latvia and is writing her PhD about pop art discourse in Latvian art. She holds a position at Latvian National Museum of Art as Head of the Arsenāls exhibition hall Creative Studio.


GolfClayderman “Morning TV Show”, a product from TV product series catalogue “A Dog Cuddling Hand”, 2017

The description of GolfClayderman’s project Invisible Field on ‘427’ Gallery’s webpage includes a warning or perhaps even a justification: “This event, expressed in words, becomes a theoretical speculation crocheted in pseudo-philosophical theories”[i]. As an answer to this dismissive statement why

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Patients named Positron and Saltblower

Juris Boiko. Video installation Saltblower. 
Reconstruction at the Latvian National Museum of Arts. 
Exhibition "Juris Boiko. Salt Crystals". 2016. 
Photo: Didzis Grozs.

Purvītis’s regrown moustache In the summer of 2014, British art critic Jonathan Jones informed readers of The Guardian that “Vincent van Gogh’s ear has returned from the grave.”[1] Using genetic material from the great-great-grandson of Van Gogh’s brother, Theo, with

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Enlightenment in Time of the Dead


Often when intense fall commences and autumn enters its darkest days and nights, many towns and cities across the world embark on celebrating the festival of light. In October and November in Latvia, this period of contemplation is also known

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(In)visible Dreams and Streams An exhibition of Nordic and Baltic Art Bergs Bazaar, Riga, Latvia 15.09 – 04.10, 2016 Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, Lithuania 03.12.2016 – 08.01.2017  (Un)comfortable Anniversaries  There is something ‘old-fashioned’ about a noisy birthday celebration; a

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Colour Me Naïve


Review on solo exhibition by Inga Meldere ‘House by the Waterfall or Colouring Books for Adults’ Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn Behind the monumental concrete walls of a Stalinist era building and a neon sign reading ‘Temnikova’ exists ‘Temnikova & Kasela’,

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The X Factor


Just as daisy-petal ‘loves me, loves me not’ fortunes are told, our society is engaged in a similar debate regarding the possibility and denial of imminent third World War outbreak. From the Paris terror attacks on the 13th of November

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For an occurrence to become an adventure…


Construction projects for buildings serving the arts, once nurtured by the State Agency “Jaunie Trīs Brāļi” (The New Three Brothers), are gradually being revived, one after the other. These projects – Contemporary Art Museum, Acoustic Concert Hall and the Latvian

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Thumbs up for the “It” project: interview with Estonian Pavilion team at 55th Venice Biennale

jarmo nagel

The post-conceptualist and minimalist Dénes Farkas[1] seems to be the present “it boy” of the Estonian contemporary art scene. His works are clean, pure and monochrome monuments in a quiet space locked in the frame of the photos. They are

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