Santa Remere

Santa Remere specializes in all kinds of mixed media and visual communication - from children's books, to movies, installations and operas. She has studied culture, cinema and new media in several universities in Riga, Paris and Tokyo, has a MA degree in engineering, but mainly uses written word as her means of self-expression. As a research student at the lab of Japanese visual anthropologist Chihiro Minato she has set her focus on the subject of collective memory and perception. Currently, translates theater plays and regularly writes critics and analytical articles for the internet magazine

You Stream, I Browse. A review of the exhibition ‘I’m Only Streaming’ by Marko Mäetamm, at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Marko Mäetamm ‘I’m Only Streaming’, exhibition kim? Contemporary Art Centre, 2017. Photo: Ansis Starks

I’m Only Streaming is the first solo exhibition in Latvia by the renowned Estonian artist Marko Mäetamm. It’s Saturday morning, and I leave my children with their father in the park two blocks from the Kim? Contemporary Art Centre. It

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The metaphorical extinction of Latvia

Ivars Drulle, To My Homeland, exhibition view, ALMA gallery, 2016. Photo: Vents Aboltins

Review of the exhibition ‘To My Homeland’ by Ivars Drulle Gallery Alma, 30.11.2016.-20.01.2017. Ivars Drulle’s exhibition To My Homeland invites his countrymen and foreigners alike to take a look at a theme no one really wants to discuss, think about

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The Armature of Uncertain Situations


A review of Evita Vasiļjeva’s publication if you can’t, engage (published by kim? Contemporary Art Centre, 2016) “A book is a piece of architecture. We enter by opening its door, or title page, and move through it by turning the

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