Santa Mičule

Santa Mičule is an everyday-art critic. She holds MA in Art History and is fascinated by marginalized forms of culture.

Fragmented Conformism

Ezra Wube_kim_12

It seems that ‘in this part of the world’, referring to contemporary art as a product of the consumer society’s ideology is considered to be ill-mannered, subjecting to similar censorship all those aspects of artwork which refuse to fit inside

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Hypnotic Beauty of the Concept


Exhibition “A Guide to making a Genie” (Gallery “427”, 12.12.2014.–6.2.2015.) Wizardry next to the Church of Jesus in Riga – the biggest wooden building in Latvia; on the Eve of New Year, gallery “427” hosted one of the conceptually most

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Women Who Don’t Laugh


On Rasa Jansone’s personal exhibition “The Fog of Feeding” (Riga Art Space, 04.10-26.10.2014) and “To Art a Woman” (Art Academy of Latvia, 02.10.-24.10.2014, Curator: Elīna Ģibiete) “Wait, do we have to rape them all?” – these were the words by

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