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Invisible Structures. The cut of a stratosphere as a reflection of human values. An interview with the filmmaker Emilija Škarnulytė

Emilija Škarnulytė. Photography by artist

The eyes are trying to cover glaciers in the Arctic Circle. The ears are catching quasar sounds. Dark waters are stirred by a hypnotizing creature. The head is dazzled by unimaginable industrial structures. Ultimately sounds come together with waves, images

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Archetype as a Way of Communicating: Individualism through Universalism as a Way of Creating. An interview with Rūta Jusionytė

Art Vilnius 2017,  Galerija Menu Tiltas, Vilnius. From personal Rūta Jusionyte archive

Rūta Jusionytė (b. 1978) is a painter and sculptor. We started our conversation with the artist in her studio in Paris, surrounded by the cheerful buzz of children, where the sounds of the French and Lithuanian languages are common. Born

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