Povilas Dumbliauskas

Povilas Dumbliauskas is a philosophy student from Alytus. An enemy to bourgeois intellectualism and cultural idolatry. His interests extend from German idealism, materialist dialectics and proletarian politics to darwinian biology and experimental music. Currently he works on the problem of subjectivity in German idealism and aleatory materialism in music.

From Folklore to Ethnocentrism. Reflections on „Tap VVater“ and Cultural Psycho-colonialism

Photograph by Povilas Dumbliauskas 2012

“Spaces – are a karaoke of many mouths: words, with which paths are drawn, flow through the pipelines to a common circulation“ – says the official description of a contemporary art exhibition “Tap Water“ (Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania, Vilnius,

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