Paulius Petraitis

Paulius Petraitis is a theorist, artist and curator from Vilnius. His main interests are contemporary photography, visual culture, publishing, and technology. He directed Vilnius self-publishing festival 'Lentyna' (2012) and co-curated the first exhibition on Snapchat 'This is It/Now' (2015). Petraitis is the editor of 'Too Good to be Photographed' (Lugemik, 2017) and author of 'Smoke Screen' (Lodret Vandret, 2015).

Making sense of images. Marge Monko in conversation with Paulius Petraitis

‘Diamonds Against Stones, Stones Against Diamonds’, 2018. Installation view in Tallinn City Gallery. Photo: Marge Monko

Marge Monko is an artist and a professor in the Photography Department at the Estonian Academy of Art. She works mainly in photography, video and installations, often appropriating and reusing already-existing images. Her main interest lies in the representation of

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