Oliver Laas

Oliver Laas is an Estonian cultural theorist and an aspiring philosopher. He holds a BA in fine art from the Estonian Academy of Arts, an MA in cultural theory from the Estonian Institute of Humanities, and is currently pursuing a PhD in philosophy at the same institution.

Kids, Go Play in the Corridor

Summer Stars

KUMU is the first major museum in Estonia to host an exhibition about video games. “Let’s Play?! Computer Games from France and Germany” displays a selection limited to these two nations because the exhibit marks the 50th anniversary of the

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The Museum Exhibits Itself: Archeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes


„Archeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes” (19.10.12 – 30.12.12) in KUMU is an exhibition assembled by four Estonian curators—Eha Komissarov, Kati Ilves, Rael Artel, and Hillka Hiiop—with the aim of giving an overview of contemporary Estonian art. To

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